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13 Tips To Hide Your Tummy

13 Tips To Hide Your Tummy

As a mature t-girl who came out later in life, with a maturing male body faced with middle-age spread, I spend a lot of time trying to do what most women do, hide those

helen Mirren

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features that I don’t like.  And that somewhat protruding tummy really makes it tough to project a suave image of a marvelous-looking woman, like Helen Mirren for instance.  And it gets tougher in retirement without that day to day routine  that often provides an incentive to look good in the business world. So what is a girl to do.

Well Aleigha, as a plus size blonde bombshell blogger and fashion guru,  has jumped to our rescue with these tips on hiding your tummy and creating the illusion of that hourglass-shaped lady that some at least see as the ideal figure. Some of the tips are obvious, like wear shapewear, not that we mind girdles, corsets, and spanx. Other tips may not be so obvious, but with some caveats. loose-fitting does not mean baggy. It still needs some shape. So here are the tips that Aleigha talks about for that fabulous and a flatter-looking tummy:

Tip #1: Shapewear to Conceal a Tummy
Tip #2: High-Waisted Pants
Tip #3: Structured Jacket
Tip #4: Ruching @ Empire Waist
Tip #5: Make sure your Bra FITS!
Tip #6: Focus AWAY – Neckline, Legs & Arms
Tip #7: NECKLINE – How to
Tip #8: LEGS – How to
Tip #9: ARMS – How to
Tip #10: A-Line Skirts
Tip #12: Vests – Longer and/or Structured
Tip #13: Darker Colors vs Lighter Colors



Then hop on over to her Pinterest board on “How to Hide your Tummy” to See Examples on each of her tips and of course don’t forget to check the Pinterest boards on Sister House too

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