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2013 Fall Fashion Trends

2013 Fall Fashion Trends

Well, it’s always interesting to see what the designers will pull out of their hats and faust off  on so many unsuspecting women, but then that is what Fashion Weeks are all about. For years I’ve railed against the ridiculous 10-20 trends we see each season and each year seems to get worst. Now Aleigha Get FashionistaFabulous™ with Aleigha   is one of my favorite bloggers and much of her earlier blogging on fashion tips for the plus-size women are classic good sense and style. Maybe becoming famous distorts our view of the world. Anyway, here is Aleigha’s take on fall fashion and the trends, with my comments:

1. Oversize anything (just what us fat girls need)

D&D22. Leopard (shoes, coats, etc) well, it is pretty in moderation particularly as an accent piece.

3. Peplum, a return from last season. Now I do love peplum and it helps give some shape to our inverted-V bodies, especially when worn with a straight skirt.

4. Texture is always classic in moderation but we may be a bit over the top when adding in fur and leather.

5. Fall colors are Charcoal and Winter White.

6. Fur. Well, I did have a fur-lined blue suede coat once that I dearly loved and it was really warm in those cold WV mountains.

7. Menswear  Ughhhhhh. if I’d wanted to be a man, I’d wear a jock strap.

8.  40’s Glamour. It can be striking when updated. particularly the hats.

9. Sweaters and skirts. This is a trend?? I thought it was basic wear. Playing with texture is always good.

10. Biker jackets.  Great when riding bikes and horses. Otherwise pretty limiting



Check out the Boutique at Sister House for some great fashions.






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