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2014 Fall Fashion Trends

2014 Fall Fashion Trends

Sylvia from 40 Plus Style is one of my favorite bloggers as she just seems to know what styles work well for the more mature woman and since most of my readers are in the 40 plus arena, I tend to focus my efforts there. Now that’s not saying that these styles are not for the younger set too, because they work well on all women. But trends are just that and you’ll likely see them repeated in other seasons and other years, but it’s nice to know what is considered trendy and then you decide if it fits your style or not. Sylvia and I both recommend that you buy what is timeless so you can wear for many years to come and it doesn’t sit in the back of your closet.

My only caveat is beware loose and baggy. Trendy or not, it’s not a good fit for the transgender community. You can access her report, fall-winter-2014-trends-report here. In her article Sylvia recommended shopping at Nordstrom as they always carry a good selection, but all our stores on Sister House are selected because they carry clothes suitable to fashion your womanly look. And of course all have labor Day sales so now is a good time to shop

Then these two short videos share some really great ideas on on looking casually chic in jeans for different occasions and how to look sassy and stylish by Amy Salinger




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