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2016 Spring Trends – You’ll Love Them

2016 Spring Trends – You’ll Love Them

Well, the 2016 spring trends are coming and with the major fashion weeks over, you have plenty of trends to choose from. Frankly, most range from so-so to horrible. Fortunately, Deborah over at Fabulous After 40 has captured what I consider the best of the best, probably because I have written about most of them in my TG Forum column.  Here are ten trends, and that’s a manageable number, that will give you that feminine and flirty look, and that’s what you want. They range from pretty and polished to romantic and “red hot” and they work for all ages. Let’s take a look

Spanish Trend

Spanish trend

Bring out the tapas and sangria because this spring it is going to feel like you are in Spain or in Mexico where I live. You’ll see lots of bullfighter red and black, ornate brocade and beading, and off the shoulder and flamenco ruffle details (more about those in a minute). This is one sizzling look that gives off a sexy, classy vibe. Ole! I can’t wait since I love black and red and ruffles and lace.

Off the Shoulder Trend

off the shoulder trend

Last year we were introduced to tops with peek-a-boo shoulder cutouts ( the cold shoulder look). This year off the shoulder tops have been added to the mix. I’m not sure this will be one of the top spring trends for women over 40 for daytime, but it sure is a glam evening option.

Also, be on the lookout for the new X-shoulder tops. They’re tops with sleeves that dip down on an angle and look like they have accidentally slipped off the wearer’s shoulders.

As for cold shoulder tops, they’re still popular, but there’s a bit of a new twist. Many of the tops have big, billowy sleeves with cutouts which gives them a romantic, feminine feel. If you want to put the focus on your shoulders this spring, the cold shoulder is the easiest shoulder reveal women over 40. I like it because it is a little bit sexy, but it doesn’t leave you feeling too exposed. Who doesn’t have nice shoulders? Go for it!

Pleats Trend

pleats trend

Pretty pleats, especially pleated skirts are going to be big this spring. Wear a pleated skirt with a fitted top, so you don’t end up with too much bulk at the waist and looking frumpy. Pleats are a classic look but keep it modern with the right blend of accessories.

Netting Trend

Netting trend

Increase your “net-worth” in a spring design made of netting or mesh. Incorporating some netting into your wardrobe via weekend or athletic clothing is the easiest way to test out this trend. I particularly like netting when used judiciously in a top.

Ruffles Trend

ruffles trend

Femininity is in the air this spring. Big, beautiful ruffles, inspired by the Spanish trend, are having their moment. You’ll see big and little ruffles that range from subtle and ladylike, to modern and futuristic, or totally girl gone wild. A style note here- don’t wear ruffles over a heavy part of your body because all that flounce will add weight. If for example, you are big busted, avoid ruffles up around your bust. Since most crossdressers have small butts, a ruffled skirt can be worn with great style.

Lingerie Trend

lingerie trend

One of the latest spring fashion trends highlights the 90’s slip dress, which has returned along with other lingerie details like sheer, satin, and lace. The idea is to wear these boudoir pieces with something structured, like a blazer, to give them a modern look. Although some look like they should have stayed in the bedroom, the right slip dress is the ultimate femininity. Check these slip dresses on our Pinterest page

Fringe Trend

fringe trend

Have a little fun this summer with some flirty fringe. Fringe has been in for a while but this summer it’s a more casual raffia type fringe that is dominating the runways. This boho detail is great for vacation and weekend wear. It’s on sleeves and hemlines, and has also appeared as embellishment at necklines. Fringe is a playful way to freshen up a summer look. Read more about the fringe trend here.

Dark Dramatic Lace Trend

Dark dramatic lace trend

The three drop dead gorgeous gowns above scream runway don’t they? They sure do(especially unlined!). But then again, take another look. They share covetable trends in evening wear, should you need inspiration. And with that second look you’ll notice that if they were lined, you might miss the incredible details. When going out, keep it long, black and lacy. Asymmetrical panels, layers of cascading ruffles and lace, and interest at the shoulder and sleeve are what will set you apart right now. Keep your silhouette long and lean to avoid any witchy pretense.

There’s another side to the lace dress too….the  fun and flirty side which you can read all about here.   Visit our Pinterest page on Why I Love Lace for so many ideas on how to wear lace. You’ll fall in love with too.

Dropped Waist Trend

dropped waist trend

A drop waist might not be for everyone, but when it works, it’s one of the most flattering things you could consider. The way the two above evoke a pretty sense of femininity while utilizing prints that take the emphasis off the shape in a mellow, soothing way should also make them a proposition of winning day dresses to consider for right now. The dropped waist began in the 20’s, was popular again in the 50-60s, and now its back again as you can read here

Bright Stripes Trend

bright stripes trendIt’s not spring without some sporty stripes, and this year you’ll be seeing many types of stripes and many of ways to wear them. There are bold stripes in bright colors as well as multiple colored stripes all mixed together, almost like a rainbow. You’ll also see stripes running up and down, sideways, corner to corner and every which way combined. There’s a stripe for everybody this summer which is good news because stripes can work in so many different ways to extend your wardrobe. See what I mean.

You’ll also see stripes running up and down, sideways, corner to corner and every which way combined. There’s a stripe for everybody this summer which is good news because stripes can work in so many different ways to extend your wardrobe. A striped piece is a great investment if you are on a budget.

What spring clothing trends are you excited about? I’ll be looking for some ruffled skirts, perhaps another pleated skirt (have a white and a lovely printed pleated skirt), maybe a shortened dress with a fringe hemline (have a grey asymetrical midi length skirt) and of course, something in that Spanish trend.   How about you? What will you pass on too, and why?

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