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A Dress That Works For Every Age

A Dress That Works For Every Age

Do you feel your age? I bet you don’t. So, how does not feeling your age and dressing age appropriately line up? How often have you seen articles on dressing age-appropriately and said not me (a polite version of WTF) All  too often, I’m sure. Well Lynn Spence, a style expert with Olsen has come up with a fun quiz to determine your “Style Age

Style Age  is the gap between your chronological age and how you see yourself.  Take this short questionnaire to see how you score. (I’m in my 70’s, but my style age is late 40’s – a little surprising.)

How about you? Does your Style Age match your true age and does it matter?

Lynn says there are many factors that influence your Style Age, but the ultimate question is who do you want to project? There are no rules about dressing your age and just because you are getting older doesn’t mean giving up looks you love or dressing boring, but your style should evolve. Trying to compete with a younger you is a losing battle.

Deborah from the blog, Fabulous After 40 says it’s not about looking young (short skirts, tight clothes, lot of skin). It’s about looking modern. Lynn shares that same philosophy as do I. So have a peek at these four variations on a dress that can work at any age.

I preferred a combination of  the “sleek and sophisticated” and the “grown up chic” as I don’t wear leggings, prefer the short bob hairstyle and like the look of a statement necklace to bring out the glam. The models are in their 50s and 60s and you’d never know.

If you haven’t already noticed the models in these photos are all different ages, but they’re wearing the same fabulous dress. It’s just a matter of styling. Starting with a classic piece, and then tweaking it to reflect your personality is an easy way to stay stylish as you age.

This gorgeous, blue, python print dress is from Olsen, a high-quality German brand that has been around for over 50 years. I’ve worn Olsen before and think they do a great job designing classic clothing with that perfect modern twist. (Olsen is currently available in Canada and Europe only)

Edgy look age

Look # 1 – EDGY LOOK

Take a versatile, easy to wear a dress, like this and throw on a moto jacket for a cool girl vibe. Add some sexy tie shoes and you are ready to rock and roll.  This look skews younger. It’s being shown Lindsay, who is in her 20’s, but there’s no reason you can’t embrace this look at 40+.  The longer dress length, the subtle snakeskin pattern and classic cut of this dress balance the edginess and make it work at any age.


sleek and sophisticated age



If you prefer a more elegant look, all you need to add to this dress is a pair of fabulous over the knee suede booties and a glam statement necklace. Audrey is in her 50’s but don’t tell me that this dress, worn this way wouldn’t look fab on someone in her 20’s, 30 or 40’s either!

fun and funky age


To give a classic dress like this more of a creative vibe, you need to add some layers, texture and weight. A chunky sweater with a braided belt and funky necklace instantly add a relaxed, boho vibe. Opaque tights and rustic suede booties ground the look. Gillian is in her 30’s, but again, if this looks suits your personality it would be appropriate for any woman because you are starting with a dress is ageless.

grown up chic age


Here’s Lynn, who is in her 60’s in that same dress, but look how she has styled it. Lynn says if it no longer feels comfortable to show off your legs, slit the seams up the sides, turn the dress into a tunic and wear it skinny pants.

What a fabulous tip! I think Lynn looks Age-Amazing!

Here are a few other tips from Lynn on how to evolve your style as you age.

  1. If you love floral patterns, go with larger ones. Ditsy florals tend to skew very young.
  2. If you are starting to feel constricted in pencil skirts, try an A-line. It’s more forgiving and looks just as great in flats as heels.
  3. If you think it is time to stop wearing tight, revealing clothes, it probably is. If this is your signature look- pair a form fitting piece with a looser item to create balance.
  4. If you gravitate towards shiny fabrics, try glossy finishes instead. A subtle change like this draws less attention to problem areas.
  5. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. You may be toned and fit but wearing a micro-mini or short crop top can make you desperate to stay young. Having a youthful attitude and dressing youthfully are two different things?

Here’s another example of the same dress styled for different ages

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So ladies, please let me know, What’s your Style Age, and how does it affect the way you dress now or in the future?

Original article from Fabulous After 40



Paula says:

I took the quiz. Actual age 47 and style age 35.

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