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Analyzing My Look

Analyzing My Look

Would analyzing my look be helpful to me or to others? Do I even think about it? Being a fashion writer, I should know all the “tricks of the trade” as they say, but translating my style into a public look does take thought and even more so, experience. Does getting out once or twice a month adequately prepare me to be seen as a woman by those around me? Tough questions! Let’s look at my most recent time out.

analyzing Tasi's summer look It’s usually difficult for most crossdressers to accept criticism, even self-criticism at times, and in this case, knowingly, with one most obvious faux pas which was not realized until I saw the picture taken by my dressmaker Ahhhhh! the embarrassment which I handled by turning the situation into humor by posting on my Yahoo group (The TG Woman) with the title “How To Pass”. And the answer is “saggy boobs” Who’s going to challenge or even look too closely at a mature women with low hanging boobs regardless of how otherwise attractive she may be J .

So let’s take a look at my effort. First I’m 5ft 10 in tall weighing about 220 lbs and 76 years old with natural silver grey hair. That’s why I prefer grey wigs. I have an apple-shaped body which means that I carry my weight in the middle and don’t have a defined waist. I have thin arms and legs but a full bust and wear a 46D bra,

Some general guidelines for dressing an apple-shaped body are

  • Draw attention to the top part
  • Get a good bra
  • Wear average to big funky necklaces
  • Wear v-necks
  • Create a silhouette with structured jackets or belt high up on your waist to give your body shape
  • Wear eye-catching shoes


There are quite a few more guidelines which you can read about here in our Body Shape Compendium and on our Pinterest page on clothes for the apple-shaped body. That said, remember I live in the tropics so layering in this heat would not be normal. And I was limited by wardrobe availability. I virtually need to import all my clothes, hence the visit to a newly-discovered dressmaker.

white sandals and straw bagMy central piece was a lightweight pleated summer skirt with a flower design on a white background that I had not worn before and was purchased off Ebay. The most flattering way to wear my skirts is at or slightly above the knee which will give me the  ideal proportion of thirds e.g the Golden Ratio. Normally a t-style shirt would not be the best choice for a top but I had too few casual tops in suitable colors.  I wore a long glass and bead necklace to draw the eye downwards, probably not a good thing in this instance 🙂

I wore low-heeled white sandals with silver buckles so my earrings and bracelet were also silver.

There’s one rule that says to choose just three suitable accessories but I love bling and, at my age, I choose whatever makes me happy. I always wear an engagement ring with my wedding ring and usually another ring on my right hand. I usually have a watch with a gold/silver band but it was broken, hence I didn’t wear one on this day. I carried a medium size straw bag. And Painted nails are a given.

analzing tasi's look - the faceWearing makeup is essential as you want to draw the eye upwards from the tummy area to the face. I have (badly) hooded eyes, hence I keep my eye makeup neutral, mostly browns, draw a high arching eyebrow, use a medium pink blush and emphasize the lips. My diamond/oval face shape is conducive to a feminine look but you still need to know all the tricks and tips to feminize your face shape. Since my forehead is wrinkled, bangs are important for me to disguise my age although I make no other attempt to be other than I am….a mature woman



The Faux Pas

I was wearing  my favorite bra which was actually fitted for me, but as with all bras, they need to be periodically adjusted due to wear. When I first put the bra on and fitted my inserts, all seemed right. But silicone inserts are heavy as they should be and perhaps perspiration caused the breasts to slip. Whatever the reason, the slippage created the old lady, saggy boob effect. Here are seven bra booby traps that you might want to think about.

We can see from the examples below where our breasts should be positioned, so it’s important to use a full length mirror to check all angles of your outfit before departing the house

positioning the bra

visual look at positioning of bra


Bras and boobs, like wigs, define our feminine look. All About Bras in the Sister House Library tells you all you need to know from history, to the types of bras to how to wear and care for them.

But beyond this, follow the links and analyzing your look becomes easy and prepares you for stepping out the door.



Rita says:

What you described is, in my vie correct, but being much thinner and older than you I believe it would be unfair to make any comparison. I just turned 86, my weight has increased a few pounds to 130 which for my height of 5′.5″ is in good proportion to my body. In the boobs department I fill a size BCup 38 chest . So have no need for silicon falsies. The only paart I pad when wearing tight dresses and skirts is my rearend, I am flat there, I would like to recommend a good padded panty as my old ones are beginning to show the years of wear.

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