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Are You Afraid of Fashion!

Are You Afraid of Fashion!

You’d be surprised, or maybe not, of the answers I get for not liking fashion. “Oh! I’m just not into it” is more than common. But often there are many underlying reasons, some which you may be aware of, but perhaps not.

Fashion column after fashion column in the magazines talks about how to dress well, yet American women have earned the reputation in the global community of being poor dressers. Why is that?

The popularity of shows like “How Do I Look” from the Style Network and TLC’s “What Not To Wear” just reinforce this viewpoint that American women need help.

Why is it that so few people know how to dress well?  Why doesn’t everyone look terrific?  Excuses.  Endless excuses are given to justify or unload responsibility for a poor appearance

So why should it be any different for us in the transgender community. After all, we had to learn this stuff at a much later stage in life. Still, fashion is not rocket science although some may have you believe otherwise

Judith Rasband, an Image Consultant, talks about some of those reasons. Not all apply to us, but let’s take a look at what she considers excuses for genetic women and the reasons behind them. My comments are in blue.

Typical Excuse /Attitude

1.     “I don’t want to look fake.” Too vain .If real women look fake, we should worry? The average crossdresser won’t pass, but so what? If you act like a lady and are treated as one, you’ve achieved your objective.

2.     “I could be more attractive if I had the money.”  Too expensive. Money is not the problem. You can be attractive and stylish with one outfit if it’s the right one.

3.     “I don’t have time to shop, I’m just too busy.” Too time consuming.Shopping wisely doesn’t take much time armed with the right knowledge. That’s what we do at Sister House.

4.     “I would look better if I weren’t so heavy.  When I lose…” Too much weight.Well, that’s really bull…crap. I’m a plus-size woman and have no problem looking well. There’s are secrets to hiding our flaws and they are not very secret. Follow the columns on my blog.

5.     “My mother never taught me about fashion.  I would look better if I knew how.”  Too much to learn.Well, right there. Our mothers probably never taught us. But guess what, knowing how to be stylish is following a few basic guidelines.

6.     “I’ve been dressing myself every day since kindergarten.  What’s there to know about clothes?”  Too much for granted.Yea, but not as a girl. If dressing yourself is the answer, why do we still have so mant poorly dressed women?

7.     “I couldn’t care less.  Clothes really don’t matter.”  Too little value.Clothes define who we are and people’s perceptions of us. People will judge who you are in the first 30 seconds of meeting you and how you dress is 70% of that equation.

8.     “It’s the designers and fashion of today that make me look so bad.”  Too ridiculous. If you follow what is on the runway or what the stars wear, probably so, but there are far more sensible designers and bloggers out there that you can learn from. We’ll be talking about some of the better ones soon on this blog so stay tuned.

9.     “It’s all a matter of opinion.  Anything goes.” Or, “It’s so confusing, I don’t know what to believe anymore.” Too many opinions. Well, we all have opinions, but read the columns here and on Sister House from noted experts in the TG community. And you won’t have far to go.

10.                         “I’m overwhelmed by so much to choose from”  Too many options. Know your body shape and skin coloring (check Sister House) and choose just one outfit that complements both. From there it becomes easy.

Listen to this brief video interview of Helen Mirren, a reknown Britsh actress know for her great style (and she’s over 50)

So, forget the excuses.  There are no valid excuses.  We have the solution to every excuse.  We will take out the fearand the frustration out of your experience, and put back in the fun and logic of fashion.  Yes, fun and logic can intertwine to create a harmonious, confident, fabulous you

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