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Barbie Hits the Runway

Barbie Hits the Runway

The Moschino spring fashion show in Milan is the highlight of the season as the Barbie-Inspired Fashion Show is one you need to see.  These back to the 80s fashions are like known youve seen before and all you girls that played with barbie, or wish you had played with barbiw, can watch this recreation with both amazement and amusement. For me, it’s a bucket list item if I could dress like this. perhaps  there is some inspiration for you in here.

Moschino hasbrought your childhood Barbie dolls to life on the Milan runway. Workout Barbie, Roller Barbie, Western Barbie—all your girls are there. Now the question is, can you identify all of them?

Barbie in going for gold and gold lame

L- Going for Gold Barbie R – Gold Lame barbie

Models had seriously voluminous wigs (platinum blond if it worked) and the entire first half of the show was all bubble-gum pink. There were all kinds of retro references too, from the chain belts to the prim skirt suits, and, of course, plenty of whacky moments. Some of my favorites? The roller-skating model who did a little spin at the end of the catwalk and a white terry-cloth dress that made the model look like she’d just stepped out of the shower.

polka-dot princess and roller skater Barbie

L – Polka-dot princess Barbie R – Roller Skater Barbie

The Barbie Barbies we spotted? Work-Out Barbie (with sweatsuit and hand weights), Western Barbie, and basically every band member from Barbie and the Rockers. Whichever Barbies were ready to party in bold ’80s party frocks and shop Rodeo Drive were also well represented.

Bathrobe and working girl Barbie

L- Bathrobe Barbie R – Working Girl Barbie

There was a flip phone and boom-box purse, both items I remember some of my ’90s dolls having, and one model with a roller suitcase and bag who looked completely ready to move into her Malibu Dream House. Oversize bags and a bra top that actually looked like a clip-on plastic piece also cemented the doll moment.

snowflake and prom queen barbie

L – Snowflake Barbie R – Prom Queen Barbie

There’s a short clip of the runway show here

If you love Barbie, Halloween is coming, and you can be Barbie too. Here is where you can find your costume. Many of the Barbie accessories are here.  And yes, there is more.  Here’s how to achieve that barbie look

Tell me which is your favorite?





Countessa says:

Hello Tasi !

I just got your email about the barbie on the runway !

I thought you may wish to know that many were involved in the decision on if the barbie should be put on the market .. My daddy owned the largest toy stores on the west coast when I was a kid… and my Mother and Daddy would often be asked about new toys there throught they may put on the market..

My mother was on the decision board at Mattel and My Mommy was one of the the few that were in favor of Barbie going on the market…Many were worried as he body was more of a models or teens… but my Precious Mommy spoke up and said ” they have a doll that talks.. they call her chatty cathy.. they have a doll that you feed and she needs a diaper change as she wets the her diapers ! What the heck is wrong with a doll that looks like a model and is every little girls dream doll !? ”

Well My Mother along with a few others spoke out and that is one of the reasons we now have Barbie in all her glory and beauty ! I am a total Barbie freak.. I even have a sorority sister that has the larger Barbie dolls… I am one that does adore Barbie jokes and if you even have any , Please tell the gals and yourself to send them on to me ! I have always been a Barbie girl ! I used to play with Barbie dolls when I was a young girl..Now as I am a fashion designer I have life sized Barbie’s and I love it ! LOL

Just a bit of trivia for you ! Since you got some Barbie info..they also have many books on Barbie in the Libraries… You may wish to look into those also…besides the other goodies you have found ..

Barbie will live forever ! she is the perfect doll and all little girls wish to grow up and be models or movie stars !

I adore Barbie… she has even had some of the top designers do her clothing…such as Bob Mackie and such…. I did a fur coat for a friends Barbie a few years ago… Now she was and still is a total Barbie finatic! it was fun and of course, Who does not love Barbie ?

Have a great day and have a wonderful week ahead.

and always remember my Motto.. femininity is an art it is a gentle form of power !

Love to all
CEO/ Designer
Countessa’s Closet
Phone ; 818 506 8467

Tasi Zuriack says:

Thank you Countessa for that lovely bit of history. For sure there is nothing like a Barbie. Almost makes me wish I had been a little girl. Hugs…Tasi

Countessa says:

We had a Barbie display at my boutique about 4 years ago.. it was a blast… it was more like three weeks of having a Barbie museum in my boutiuqe.. it was awesome…all who collected them thru the years and had the clothing… brought then in. We set up a whole section in the boutique for the displays.. That was so much fun.

Yup. ! We gals do like our Barbies !


love to all

Countessa says:

You may also write to me personally at :

Countessa says:

I love Barbie! I guess we all would love to have her amazing dream world !

Love to all

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