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Be Naughty – Wear a Skirt

Be Naughty – Wear a Skirt

On one of  my  infrequent outings, I was planning on wearing my LBD (little black dress) with pearls, but it was a bit muggy here that day (after all it is summer-like in the Yucatan, even in March) and the dress was polyester…a fabric that doesn’t breathe at all. So in keeping with my theme for the outing…wearing all black, I reached in my closet and pulled out a black skirt and cotton top outfit and was so glad that I did. Here in Merida, women dress like women and are usually in skirts or dresses in the summer with maybe 40% in jeans, mostly the younger women.

That’s not true in the U.S, however, where casual means anything from shorts and yoga pants to jeans and capris.  Being a crossdresser, I try to appear feminine at all times, and interestingly enough, the reason that women wear skirts is to appear more feminine. Not sure what that says about current American society where the password to casual is sloppy.

According to Jackie Walker, a personal image consultant, 98% of women are trouser-driven. Fact: Women wear trousers more today because they hate to wear pantyhose! (not necessarily true for crossdressers). But that’s not the only reason. They “skirt the issue” for many reasons including they don’t like the billowing lines of a skirt,  it makes them look dowdy or the newer lower heels don’t  work with a skirt.  Jackie delves into the issues in her article on the Psychology of Wearing a Skirt. Actually, when she showed a client what was possible  by having the right hem and length of shirt and using a slimming technique known as “pegging“, the client was amazed at how much slimmer she looked in a skirt with greater freedom of movement

Many women think that the only easy and relaxed way to dress is to wear pants (trousers, not underpants for you people reading in the UK!). But really a skirt can be just as easy to wear (and I think more comfortable often) than a pair of pants. I love a skirt made from a stretch fabric with a knit top of some kind – it’s comfortable yet looks way more stylish than yoga pants and many jeans!

Wearing a skirt can be an emotional issue as evidenced by 38 Things All Women Think When Wearing A Skirt. Don’t you just love the wind. Women try to avoid a “Marilyn Monroe” moment, but not so crossdressers. I remember my first time out in an early Ohio November with the cold wind blowing up my dress. What an utterly enchanting feeling.  We do however tend to push the limits on our hemlines and this chart gives us some understanding of others perceptions of us based on our skirt length. Frankly I go for the flirty to classic look.  Tasi’s advice:  Be sure you have pretty panties (a nice colorful print works, but not with a happy face) and be sure you are well-tucked.


Before we look at some skirts, lets take a look at how to choose the right skirt for your figure. It may not be as simple as you think. For instance, I have never cared for a high-low skirt but certain ones can be very figure-enhancing for crossdressers because of the way it shows off our legs. Most crossdressers don’t like the midi skirt because of its length, but it can be a most flattering skirt and very feminine if worn correctly. The  mini skirt is ideal when you have great legs (no apple figures though) and of course the pencil skirt is both classic and very sexy when well fitted. The a-line skirt is also a classic and very versatile. There are many others so check out our Pinterest page on Skirts I Love and our All About Skirts section in the Library. Here are a few to whet your appetite.


different skirts-1



different skirts-3

Pencil skirts

Micro-mini skirt



Lastly, here are a few of our stores for great skirts

Suddenly Fem       Lane Bryant     Bon-Ton      Dressbarn      Kohls           Nordstrom

Source; Insideoutstyleblog.com








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