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CD Shopping Delight

Helen Buckley is an amazing woman from that land “Down Under”. She owns the Yahoo Group, “Helen’s Hideaway” and is a source of constant entertainment for those of us in the group. She recently posted a picture of herself and I was so enthralled with her outfit that it will be featured in next week’s newsletter from Sister House. Of course I asked Helen to describe the outfit,  but befitting the differences in American and Aussie English, I got a story instead which I thought was best shared with you.

HB2Close to me there is a small shopping centre, (mall), a few novelty and speciality shops the usual grocery chain, newsagent, and cafe’s with varying degrees of quality in their coffee. **sigh** My quest continues.

Among the clothing range there is one that has a lovely open facade with racks and mini carousels of tops, skirts and lingerie. Apart from bras and panties they have a range of slips! Bliss! Anyway, leave the tangent, my ensemble.

Simply put I saw it on a dummy in the shop. As usual I wander round with eyes scanning any clothing shop in my vicinity and find the most lovely clothing in smaller shops. I have a long red cardigan I wear over a dress or slacks which was found in a little shop like this one. Clothes shopping like this is great. It’s when you go hunting for specific items the frustrations kick in!

The dummy was draped in the skirt and cardigan and I made a point of wondering back past the shop a few times, not quite getting a proper look at the top. As I was browsing I sneaked my phone out and took a photo and sent it to my wife for a second opinion. She liked it and came to meet me at the shop. She went through the racks with myself in tow. The issue became the top, there was only one in stock and it was waaaaayyy too small. So we found a substitute. Purchase made, brought home safe and sound. Tried on proper, joy, the fit is perfect!

HB3Then the hard part, accessorizing! Shoes, bag and jewelery! The colours suggest earth tones. The only shoes I had at the time were cream strappy sandals with 4 inch heels. I found a great pair of brown, material, open toed, court shoes on E-Bay. Beautiful to look at and to wear but a size too large!! They keep falling off and the company didn’t have any more. I asked a cobbler, it’s possible to enlarge a pair, is there a way to reduce a size. Yes he said so I waited till I had time and brought them to him. Then he told me he misunderstood! So ‘bugger’! I have a gorgeous pair of open toed shoes and can’t wear them cos of the unusual situation of them being too large.

But the ensemble is lovely to wear.

Note from Tasi. Not all of us can shop in the stores or if you just can’t find what you are looking for, try the Sister House Boutique. With 90 stores (your very own Mall of America) and a little about what each store carries, you are sure to find a treasure. And some of the stores are available in Australia and the UK.



Tawny says:

Essays like this are so important to broidenang people’s horizons.

Claire Stafford says:

I was just browsing and found this, or re-found this. 2014!!! OMG. The changes that have transpired!

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