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Changing Your Mood with Accessories

Changing Your Mood with Accessories

Changing your mood with accessories is a fine art that takes a little practice but is not difficult with the examples in this article.

Lori talked about how clothes have moods too, not suprisingly, and because women’s clothing is infinitely more complex, there are more shadings to be considered. So many things to consider: shoes, jewelry, handbags, hair style, makeup, and much more. All are used to evoke these mood changes as the truly finished appearance comes through the use of accessories.

We learned in this article by Tasi how accessories are the secret to stylish dressing. We looked at the power of  each accessory and how each is used to achieve a finished look, but  a lot of thought still needs to go into each aspect of putting an outfit together.  And your accessories should reflect your style personality too. So how do we create the mood that fits your personality with accessories in a very practical way?

Let’s have a look at this burgundy dress which was styled by 40 Plus Style in the following four very different looks:
• Arty and avantgarde
• Bohemian
• Classically chic
• and Rock & roll


Arty and avantgarde look

Arty and avantgarde look

The key to an arty look is to go for unique accessories and styles that one would not readily expect for a truly creative look. In this instance, with such a deep burgundy we knew it was important to immediately add some brightness and pops of color. We went with a light blue beaded necklace, which immediately adds some excitement to the look.

The bright beads are not such so serious and add a bit of creativity to the ensemble. For a unique spin we also went with dark blue ankle boots with an interesting cut in the heel that makes them avantgarde and quite architectural (definitely a conversation starter). Coordinating eyeglasses will provide a great contrast on the face, alongside a cropped blazer with wide and comfortable cuffs.

You might also go for a more graphic design feature in the necklace hopefully incorporating a pop of color or shine


Bohemian look

Bohemian look

To add a bohemian vibe to this look and make it more individual and relaxed we added a slightly longer and short sleeve dark gray cardigan. The low-key cardigan immediately dresses down the look, which we further relaxed by adding on a suede hat with a southwestern inspired leather braid.

As a contrast, we went with a western inspired fringe gold and silver necklace. Black fringe leather ankle boots completed the look for an easy going bohemian look that is both effortless and chic.

Or try a  look with a fringed bag to evoke the 70’s trend. Tall boots (for a colder climate) heeled, flat or wedge for the Bohemian and Rock and Roll styles


Classically chic look

Classically chic look

The great aspect of this dress is both its versatility and its timelessness. So, the dress is a perfect base for a classically chic look. To create a contrast we added a well tailored black blazer, which immediately dresses up the dress (pun not intended).

We went with a simple black clutch with a structured look to it, which makes the whole look sharper. A statement necklace immediately makes the ensemble look more expensive and classy, which limits the need for much else. For a comfortable and chic finish, we added peeptoe flats with a crystal embellishment that cooridnates perfectly with the statement necklace. A stylish pair of pumps is an alternative to flats in Classically Chic.


Rock and roll chic look

Rock and roll chic look

Secretly, everyone wants to try out a rock & roll chic look. Often, there can be a tendency to get a little too much of the rock look, with an overpowering amount of accessories. With the versatility of this dress, we went with a leather jacket laden with visible zippers to toughen the look of the dress. Perfectly cut, the jacket maintains great proportions for the flare of the dress.

A black and gray animal print silk scarf was the perfect accessory to limit the amount of metal that would make this look to tough, but it gives enough edge and polish to really make a tougher look more chic. We grounded the look with studded black flats, which provide a light industrial edge to the look.

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