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Charlotte McLeod-The Unknown Icon

Charlotte McLeod-The Unknown Icon

Charlotte McLeod is probably unknown to you, but shouldn’t be. It has been argued that the the three most famous icons in the transgender world are Harry Benjamin, Christine Jorgensen, and Virginia Prince. Ms Jorgensen made world headlines in December, 1952  when her sex reassignment surgery made her the most famous transsexual woman of the “atomic age”.  But the second transsexual woman of the “atomic age”, Charlotte McLeod, did not receive those same headlines.

charlotte mcleodSoon after her transition in April, 1952, MeLeod was said to be working on her autobiography, but alas it was never published. In 1956 McLeod sold what she had developed for her book to the men’s magazine Mr. This autobiographical sketch was so rare that most did not know it existed. We have Una Nowling of  Transascity.org   to thank for uncovering this rare find who thanks to her research into transgender history located an original copy about three years ago. It’s an amazing story and I trust you will enjoy reading it. We thank Una for permission to republish here and will also include it in our Library archives on transgender history.



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Mari Jikey says:

So my question; what ever happened to her? Someone out there is bound to know.


Henry DeHavilland says:

Dear Mari–I do not know what happened to her unfortunately, but I had the honor of being in her presence in 1954 when I was a freshman at New York University. (I am now 81 years old.) A neighbor of mine on West 86th Street invited me to meet her in his apartment where she was visiting. I was 19 years old, from a small Southern town, and extremely naive and shy. I had been told before the visit that she was a trans sexual but could not sense in any way that she could possibly have ever been anything but the beautiful, refined, genteel lady with whom I spent about 45 minutes. It was a forever memorable experience. How I hope her life rewarded her for the kindness and dignity with which she spoke to me.

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