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Choosing the Right Maxi Dress for You

Choosing the Right Maxi Dress for You

The Maxi dress (and skirt) are everywhere again this summer here in Merida and just about anywhere you go. You will be bedazzled by some of the beautiful prints that are sure to get you noticed and although airy, some are still hip hugging and show off your beautiful curves. Some make glamorous evening wear and can be absolutely sexy with a strong side slit. But for sure, they are comfortable and easy to wear and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

They  work for day and night (though not the office). We’ll look at maxis for short girls and for tall girls and for girls with curves and for those with more rectangular shapes which is often the case for a transgender woman. So here are a few tips to consider when wearing maxi’s depending on your height and body shape.

How to Wear a Maxi if You’re Petite

petite maxi styles

  • Most often I hear that petites find them tricky to wear and they can be if you choose a style with too much volume and wear them too long.
  • End them around the ankle, rather than dragging on the ground.
  • Make sure they are made from a fluid fabric that doesn’t swamp you, avoid too many gathers and lots of fabric.
  • Keep patterns in scale with your body, avoid large scale patterns.
  • They need to be fit and snug. the trick here is to select a style that is well-cut – that means choose a full-length dress that sits snugly to your body figure – especially around the hips and thighs. And not least, around your waist (or below the bust).
  • Elongate your body figure with a V-neck. The point with a V-neck is that it shows more skin – which means you’ll look taller and leaner. The V-shaped neckline also attracts the eye and make it go up and down – creating a streamlined silhouette.
  • Add heels. For some extra height, wear pumps, wedges (espadrilles with this type of dress is my fave!) or high heeled sandals

How to Wear a Maxi if You are Tall

maxi styles for tall women

  • It’s hard to find things long enough for you most of the time, but a maxi for you should come at least to your ankles, if not a little longer.
  • Play with horizontal details if you want to look shorter
  • Work with your body shape recommendations as mentioned above if you are either more curvy or more straight

How to Wear a Maxi if You are an H shape (or lack a defined waist)

maxis for straight or H body shapes

  • Avoid gathers and anything belted or pleated around the waist
  • With maxi-dresses, an empire style is the most flattering
  • Straighter shapes follow the lines of your body and flatter.
  • Maxi tips for straight body shapes by imogenl featuring a cap sleeve dress

How to Wear a Maxi if You have an X shape (or have a defined waist)

maxis for surved or X shaped bodies

  • You want a waisted style that you can cinch in to show off your defined waist.
  • A flared shape follows your curves
  • Look for fabrics that drape softly and move as you walk

Maxi Dresses for Plus-size Women

  • Wear wide straps. Many plus size women carry weight around the upper arms, concealing narrow shoulders.o complement your upper body – opt for wider straps.Spaghetti straps on the other hand will only make your frame look bigger in comparison (unless the color of the dress is similar to your skin tone!).
  • Scale the print. Larger prints complement your body figure a lot better than tiny ones – however solid, and dark neutrals such as black, dark brown and olive green are ideal to help slim down your shape. If you’re a petite plus size, opt for medium-scaled prints.Tip: If you have a thick waist, place a solid black or dark brown wide stretch belt around the thinnest part of your torso. This will give you a more balanced and lean body frame as well as bring out a waist.
  • Wear a v-neck. Create a lean vertical line on your shape with v-neck. The more skin you show thus leaner you’ll look. The V-shaped neckline also draws the eye up and down
  • Get a perfect fit.  Hiding your body in loose-fitted long dresses will only make you look boxy, so choose a dress that sits snugly to your body figure without clinging.

Some Do’s and Don’ts for Wearing a Maxi

DO Wear Flats with a Maxi Dress for a Casual Look, especially cute sandals. For the neatest look, make sure your dress doesn’t drag the floor (looks sloppy) but merely skims your heel.

Don’t Wear Clunky Boots with a Maxi Dress.  While we’re all for maxing out a wardrobe’s potential, we’re not a fan of clunky boots with a maxi dress; sandals or wedges are a much better footwear option for a long dress.

Do Wear a Print Maxi Dress. Try a pretty floral print in a lightweight fabric for a fresh breezy look

Don’t Forget to Watch the Fit of the Bust on a Maxi Dress. Because of the long, flowing silhouette of the maxi dress, often the only fitted areas are the bust or waist. For that reason, you need to pay especially close attention to the top portion of the dress and demand perfect fit. Unless you have spectacular breasts, opt for some support from a bra or it will drag down the entire look.

Do Choose a Sleek Maxi After 40.  Over-40 women can still wear a maxi, but the look should be sleek and chic. Halter necks are especially flattering on older women because they draw the attention up to the face. Skip flounces, funky boots or anything too youthful for the best maxi dress look over 40.

Don’t Wear Frou-Frou on Your Maxi Dress.  Ruffles, bows, hi-low hems, bell sleeves: all good fashion additions, but not for a maxi dress. The maxi dress gets its drama from a long silhouette, and — on some maxis — a pretty print. That’s really all a maxi dress needs to be successful so anything more is overkill and looks tacky.

Don’t Wear Retro Accessories with the Maxi Dress. One sure-fire way to ruin your maxi look is to accessorize with other retro looks like a fedora, scruffy fur or funky hippie beads. Opt for sleeker modern accessories for the most updated look.

Check out these fabulous maxi looks below or have a look at the magnificant maxis on our Pinterest page.

maxi dress looks-1

maxi dress looks -2

maxi dress looks-3

Credit courtesy Insideoutstyle blog by Imogene Lamport,  The Chic Fashionista,







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