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Creating Positive Visibility by my Favorite Bloggers

Creating Positive Visibility by my Favorite Bloggers

Bloggers and blogging has become the new wave for the creation of fashion. Creating positive visibility for the trans woman has been my underlying purpose ever since I started my fashion blog, The Fashionable TG Woman, on Sister House almost 5 years ago now. My very first article, Welcome to My World of Fashion, talks of my love of fashion and what I hoped to bring to the trans community. And among the thousands of crossdressing and transgender blogs out there in the blogosphere, I do think that Sister House has brought the world of fashion down to a practical level for all of us in the trans community. It truly has been a journey of love for me and an ongoing learning experience.

I was honored by Feedspot some months ago with an award for one of the Top 75 Best Crossdressing blogs (18 of 75) Of course I hope that my readers of Sister House also follow my blog and my monthly post  on TG Forum. My average post usually exceeds 1500 words so we do try to provide in-depth coverage of the topics being addressed. I wish I could say it’s all original, but no, I borrow a lot of ideas from other fashion bloggers and two in particular, although my list of followed blogs is in the hundreds.

These GG ladies are the real experts too, so let me introduce you to Imogen Lamport of Insideoutstyleblog and Anne Reinten of Pretastyler. Both of  these ladies are Australian bloggers and I’ve found none better. You’ll see attribution to their work throughout the many fashion articles on Sister House and the Fashionable TG Woman. We will be introducing you further to Ann in January when we feature her Style Clinic.

Imogen Lamport and Ann Reinten

Imogen Lamport and Ann Reinten

And though this blog’s emphasis is on fashion, there are two other bloggers in the trans community who have an innate sense of fashion that you should be following too, and I’m sure you know them….Hannah from Hanna Mcknight and Stana from Femulate.  They both have a wonderful sense of style that you can learn much from.

Hannah McKnight and Stana

Hannah McKnight and Stana

And I would be remiss in not touting our own fashion bloggers on Sister House. ..Donnakelli, Carollyn Olson, Nora Simone and soon to join them, Kandi Robbins from Cleveland. All these very fashionable ladies offer the best of advice and after all, why not, they are among our most elite Stylish Crossdressers on Sister House.

bloggers Donnakelli and carollyn Olson

Donnakelli and Carollyn Olson

bloggers Nora Simone, Kandi Robbins, and Tasi

Nora Simone, Kandi Robbins, and Tasi

Being a more mature crossdresser, which in everyday parlance means over 40, and in my case, way over 40, I follow the Over 40 group of bloggers more closely. I recently ran across this group called the Over 40 Collective which is an elite group of experienced style mavens who reach an international audience of discerning 40 plus women. Interestingly enough, I already followed Annette Holdrich from Lady of Style, a German lady who I’ve featured many times, and more recently Michelle Lyndon-Dykes of the Barefaced Chic, a UK fashionista.

Annette Holdrich and Michelle Lyndon-Dyke

Annette Holdrich and Michelle Lyndon-Dyke

To illustrate just a bit of what these ladies contribute to the world of fashion and style, here’s how to take an LBD (little black dress) and create an outstanding look by adding just one piece. What Michelle did with that red lace pullover is nothing short of incredible. I must get one. She calls it red lace and attitude, how to stand out in a crowd and she is so right.

red lace overlay by blogger Michelle Lyndon-Dykes

Annette, on the other hand, has taken a burgundy velvet blazer and combined it with a short black shift dress to create a very chic Christmas look. Velvet is all the range this fall and you can read my article Wear Velvet For That Luxurious, Elegant Look  on TG Forum.

burgundy velvet blazer by blogger Annette Holdrich

Our success or failure is often based on visual indicators. These visual indicators are powerful things. Often people will come to conclusions about us before we even open our mouths (and that is often a positive for crossdressers) The Dressing Room on Sister House is your go-to place for “Putting It Together”. Learn how you can create and wear the personal style that fits your personality from our many experts.



imogen says:

Thanks for your lovely comments and inclusion in your list! Lots of amazing women with style.

Marie Anne Greene says:

Nice summary of some very stylist ladies, Learn //stumble on something new virtually every time enter the HALLWAY. Check it out every day along with FEMULATE.

Marie Anne Greene

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