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Crossdresser – Art To Feel Like an Actress

Crossdresser – Art To Feel Like an Actress

Crossdresser is art to feel like a actress? The answer is yes, because at same time an actress look for perfection during her performance, atitude in each moment, in the corporal expression, in the inner beauty also look not just for a movies or stage play but at all moments that she feels chance to put away all feminility inside.

crossdresser as artistDepends on conscience of each crossdresser a definition of which moment leave the character, or if intend to carry the role ahead.

When we marvel or admire great divas or actress we mirror ourselves not just a cause of beauty or esthetic who demonstrate but also the glamour and essence of each one reverberating and inspiring all of us (crossdressers).


The way to communicate, way of acting and behave show that the very essence is within each one of you not matter “the character” of actres, but how much is satisfying a representation of actress.

Inside of each crossdresser in a few moments the actress inside o us can be asleep but never will ever cease to be and we can find ourselves body and soul every moment!!

Through the song Beatriz beautifully composed by Chico Buarque is posible to feel who we are and our feelings, and as a result we can “make a journey” of introspection and feelings beyond love and feel as we are shining like a star that never burns itself out and spreads in all stages of life.



Author/Songwriter/Singer-  Chico Buarque

Olha                                      (Look)
Será que ela é moça        (Is she a girl)
Será que ela é triste        (Is she sad)
Será que é o contrário   (Is it the opposite)

Será que é pintura          (Is it paiting
O rosto da atriz               the face of an actress)

Se ela dança no sétimo céu                    (Is she dancing in seventh heaven)
Se ela acredita que é outro país           (Does she believe this to be another country)
E se ela só decora o seu papel               (And does she enliven her role alone)
E se eu pudesse entrar na sua vida      (And could i get into her life)

Olha                                                                 (Look)
Será que é de louça                                    (Is she made of porcelain)
Será que é de éter                                       (Is she made of ether)
Será que é loucura                                     (Is it madness)
Será que é cenário a casa da atriz        (Is it a setting, the home of an actress)
Se ela mora num arranha-céu               (Does she live in a skycraper)
E se as paredes são feitas de giz            (And are the walls made of chalk)
E se ela chora num quarto de hotel     (And is she crying in a hotel room)
E se eu pudesse entrar na sua vida      (And could i get into her life)

Sim, me leva pra sempre, Beatriz         (Yes, take me forever Beatriz)
Me ensina a não andar                              (Teach me how not to walk)

com os pés no chão                                    (with my feet on the ground)
Para sempre é sempre por um triz      (Because forever is forever always by whisker)
Aí, diz quantos desastres tem                (Oh, say how many disasters I hold

minha mão                                                   (in my hand)
Diz se é perigoso a gente ser feliz        (Say it is dangerous for people to be happy)


Olha                                                                 (Look)
Será que é uma estrela                             (Is she a star)
Será que é mentira                                    (Is she a lie)
Será que é comédia                                   (Is it a comedy)
Será que é divina a vida da atriz            (Is she a divine of an actress)
Se ela um dia despencar do céu             (I one day she plummes from the sky)
E se os pagantes exigirem bis                (If the audience askes for more)
E se o arcanjo passar o chapéu             (If the archangel passes the hat)
E se eu pudesse entrar na sua vida      (If i could  get into her life)



Suzana Rodrigues

Brazilian Crossdresser

Curitiba – PR – Brazil



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