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Dresses Every Woman Should Own

Dresses  Every Woman Should Own

I love dresses. Dresses are pretty much my favorite thing to wear. And it makes me sad when people think dresses are only for Sunday or “dressing up.” NAY! NAY to that I say! I say dresses are for everyday. A huge portion of my closet is now reserved for dresses, cocktail dresses, maxi dresses, wrap dresses — you name it. But why not? No, don’t go to Wal-Mart in full cocktail garb, but  a cute summer or maxi dress? Yes. DOoooo it.

If you need more convincing, here’s five reasons that dresses should not only make an appearance in your closet, but dominate it.

They’re Easy

I hate when I’m wearing like, a maxi dress, which is pretty much like pajamas, and someone is like “Wow, you’re all dressed up.” Are you kidding me? Between struggling into a pair of jeans and finding a matching shirt and belt or just pulling on a dress, the dress wins every time. It’s one piece, no layering unless you want and you don’t have to worry about lubing yourself up just to put it on.

They’re Pretty

Every girl likse to be pretty. And dresses make me feel pretty. Especially wrap dresses. Like, there’s just something pretty and dramatic about not doing the pants thing.

They’re Versatile

I have this uber-cute striped wrap dress. It’s not even that special. It’s just a plain old dress. But it’s SO versatile that I keep it around. I wear it with flats and a cardi in the summer, with tights and a leather jacket in the winter and it always looks perfect. There are so many pieces that you can only wear one way, but dresses can go up or down in the formality department and always look awesome.

You Can Eat More

You know when you’re wearing a tight shirt or that pencil skirt that you love, but when you eat, you can practically see the outline of your taco in your belly after? I am no stranger to food babies, which is why I love me a dress. Tight pants and shirts make me look , well fat, after eating a burrito, but dresses never do me like that. They stay looking awesome and I can eat to my heart’s content TAKE THAT PANTS.

They’re Always Appropriate

Wedding? Wear a dress. Office job? Wear a dress. Lunch with the girls? Dress me, baby. Shopping? Dress. Date night? Dreeeeeesssss. Are you getting my drift here? Other than the gym or doing cartwheels on your lawn, there’s literally no event where a dress isn’t totally appropriate. Just make sure the type of dress matches up with the event ie: casual dresses for casual events, people. And if anyone says anything about your dress-ness, the correct answer is “Jealous?”

PS: that’s the correct answer for any negative comment. Forever.

So if you are a “dress gal” like me, well then, here are the dresses every women should own.

The Shirt Dress

The shirt dress can go from casual with flats to dressed up with a blazer and heels. Its versatility is nearly endless.

shirt dress collage

The Wrap Dress

This dress style was invented in the 1930s andmade famous by Diane von Fürstenberg.   The design has been credited with becoming a symbol of women’s liberation in the 1970s. It, like the shirt dress above, is extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down for day or evening wear. It’s particularly great for plus-size women as it naturally fits a women’s curves

wrap dress

The Breezy Beach Dress

This piece should go from the beach to brunch and any airy occasion in between.

beach dresses


The Day To Night Dress

This dress should be purchased in a neutral hue, should have a sleeve and come in a length that’s not too sexy for the office and not too boring for after-work drinks.

day to night dresses

The Feminine Spring Dress

Just as the weather is starting to warm up, you’ll want to show your girly side in florals or a light lace.

spring dresses

The Sultry Going-Out Dress

When it’s time to hit the town, have something on hand that shows one of your best assets—whether it be a little leg or a hint of decolletage.

sexy dresses

The Luxe Fall Dress

Fall calls for a dress in a rich fabrication and hue—whether it be leather, velvet or cashmere—it should feel of the season.

fall dresses


The Work Dress

A good structured dress in black or navy will take you many work miles.

work dresses

The Ladylike Nighttime Dress

For those occasions when a cocktail dress or black tie gown won’t due, a ladylike evening dress is just the thing you’ll be searching for.


ladylike evening dresses

The Special Occasion Drtess

When it comes to that dress for date night or evening affairs opt for something special, but not too memorable (so you can wear it again and again).

special occasion dresses

special occasion dresses


Dresses and Your  Activities

While we can embrace femininity in our wardrobes, if not always appropriate in our activities: If you have unusual, and physically demanding hobbies—quail hunting, motorcycle riding, competitive archery, or such—which might not seem ladylike, then you may question your desire to wear a dress. But of course, that’s not always true for a diehard girlie-girl.

girl om motyorcycle




Rita says:

You are so right Tasi, I love dresses too, and skirts with a nice top. I own a few long dresses that are nice to wear when I go shopping and when I want to get out of the jeans and pants. I am a strong believer that casual clothes don’t have to be boring.
Nice article, love the illlustrations.

Claire Stafford says:

Couldn’t agree more. I wish more women would embrace the dress. I’m not sure about wearing one on a motorbike though. Even if it is as lovely as that one.

Carlar says:

I love the comfort of dresses. This summer, a maxi has been my go-to, especially for church or dinner out. A sleeveless maxi with a halter or boat neck is comfortable when warm, and easily dressed up with a shrug or shawl, or for comfort in cooler temperatures.

janet38 says:

When I’m a woman I wear dresses or skirts and blouses exclusively. Fortunately I have shapely leg and keep them shaved at all times. A girl never knows when she might get to dress. I love becoming the woman of my dreams.


Angela Esparza says:

Like most girls when I first started down this female path my wardrobe consisted of two basic styles; sexy nightclub wear and casual low cut jeans and breezy tops. This post has called my attention to the wondrous variety of styles I overlooked. It seems that my wardrobe needs a dramatic make over.
Angela Esparza

TB admin says:

Thanks for your comment Angela. Variety is the spice of life. Send me a note as I would love to know what you add to your wardrobe. Hugs….Tasi

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