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Every Girl Needs Sunglasses, But Which One?

Every Girl Needs Sunglasses, But Which One?

If you live in the tropics, like me, then sunglasses are essential everyday wear. And of course, in the summer they are a given. But which ones are flattering to our faces. And more than that, those sunglasses can hide some of those unflattering masculine features so getting the right ones are important. I have deep-set eyes so I choose to emphasize my lips and keep the eye makeup neutral. When out and about, people then see that which is beautiful.

Finding the perfect pair is all about balance. These guidelines from Sally McGraw at Aleady Pretty will steer you toward a pair of frames that work perfectly with your face shape. Need more info on face shape? Check this info on face shapes over at Sister House. It helps when buying a wig too.

Know your shape: The most common face shapes are round, oval, rectangle and heart-shaped. Determining your face shape is mainly about your chin and brow. If your chin is defined and pointy, look at how it relates to your hairline and brow to decide if you’re a heart or oval. If your chin is squarish, you’re more likely to be a rectangle, but if your face is quite long you might be more of an oval. Round faces have smaller chins and fuller cheeks. An Internet search for “common face shapes” will bring up celebrity photo examples, which can be very helpful in determining your own.

Consider scale: If you’ve got a smaller face, oversized sunglasses may look a bit comic on you. If your face is larger, tiny John Lennon sunnies might appear slightly off.

Create contrast: Wearing a pair of sunglasses that mirrors your face shape will emphasize that shape. Round lenses on a round face will make that face look extremely round, and squarish frames will make a rectangular face look squarish. Choosing a frame that differs from your face’s natural shape will create a balanced look.

Note placement: Sunglasses that fit properly should reach the eyebrows at top or they will fail to truly protect your eyes from the sun. Try to avoid styles that jut into your cheeks at the bottom, too.

Sally gives you some visual clues in this article for the Star Tribune. Be sure and click through to see her many examples. Be beautiful my ladies.




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