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Fall Fashion Trends That Will Speak To You

Fall Fashion Trends That Will Speak To You

I’m usually a critic of fashion trends because they tend to be too many without any real sense of style, yet this fall appears to be different. If one thing stands out for Fall and Winter fashion clothing 2015-16 for women, it’s Big and Bold which has shoved its way to the forefront of current trends.

Here are a few of my favorite trends from among the many that work for most of us in all sizes. I personally favor classic and boho chic styles and they are still there but other favorites range from modern trendy to retro chic. Which ones appeal to you?

Retro-themed Bohemian styles that evoke that Seventies and Eighties

This year’s Bohemian foregrounds the playful colors and casual themes of the Seventies and Eighties. Forget the rococco styles that recalled the Edwardian fop or ethnic styles. Think tie-die, geometric patterns, fringe, lace, long vests, and turtlenecks. What retro vibe we are invoking depends on whether you go with Vogue and the Eighties or Glamour claiming the Seventies. Take your pick, and enjoy your choice.

Within this category, Fringe is the big winner. You’ll see it everywhere

Bohemian depends on how you combine the elements. Mix plain with fancy, day garments with evening, sheer with heavy and opaque, prints with prints, or severe neutrals alleviated by a striking accessory – a red scarf, a green hat, purple suede boots. Combining rich colors and fabulous texture, great design lines, with a side-helping of bling is my favorite style.

lace and fringe dresses

L-Lace Dress R- Fringe Dress

Simmeringly Sensual Victorian Long Dresses for Evening

Victorian dress is a strong theme in fall fashion clothing for evening. The new neo-Victorian conveys a sense of simmering sexuality demurely disguised beneath lace and details. Long dresses for social events feature lace, filmy fabrics, long ruffles, brocade and velvet textiles evoke this by-gone era.

Within this category, Lace is the big winner. You’ll see it everywhere

tasi in blue leather jacket with furry collar and sleevesBecause these styles tend to look better on petite and small-boned women, the rest of us need to look for the tailored fit and styles that mask our better not sown parts.

Shaggy Furry Sleeves, Collars, Cuffs, and Boots

The cutting-edge trend in winter fashion for women is bulky faux fur sleeves. This is something we have not seen in a while. Big fur collars, over-sized shaggy cuffs, hairy boots are other hot trends that will keep you warm in cold winter weather.

Choose something pastel with long fibers for a fresh and completely manmade look. Big furry sleeves and cuffs are great for taller gals. This trend may dwarf petites and add bulk to women with round figures or lavish bosoms. Broad shoulders may be accented by bulky fur sleeves or a broad fur collar. Keep the rest of the ensemble pared down if you opt for shaggy sleeves. Leggings and tall boots are a great look, and you’ll be primed to kick some style butt no matter your age.

I still have fond memories of my blue swede leather jacket with a faux fur cuff on the sleeve and a fur collar. It was wonderful, and warm on those cold winter WV days

Bold Plaids Emphasize Neutrals with a Dash of Red

The over-sized gingham plaids that we saw for Spring and Summer get the super-size me treatment for Fall fashion clothing.
Wool is always a wonderful fabric for plaid, going strong with the latest winter fashion Today’s fabulous fabric blends add nylon or acrylic for softer, more supple, and less bulky contemporary versions of the scratchy, durable woolens we may remember from our youths.

Black, white, gray, and red are preferred colors. Also look for brown and neutral plaids. Whenever you buy a plaid garment, make sure the horizontal lines are matched across the sleeves, collar, and front panels, as well as across the back. Matching wastes fabric, so you will often pay a premium price for a plaid jacket with premium styling.

Patchwork jackets and capes are great for casual weekend wear. Evoking the handcrafts of bygone errors, they also offer the ultimate in versatility among the latest Fall fashion trends. Combining plaids and prints or print-and-print is another micro-trend. Make sure that the color palettes of the fabrics are complementary.

My favorite is a tartan plaid long wrap

tasi with long blue dusterLong Duster Coats Dramatically Winterize You

From furry boots to long duster coats, designers have got you covered for whatever weather Winter throws at you with this year’s winter fashion for women.
Furry boots are best not paired with other bulky garments, such as puffy coats and faux-fur sleeves and cuffs. One shaggy touch per customer, please. Thigh-high boots are another seasonal preference. These are perfect to team up with two other fashion-forward trends – tights of resplendent colors and patterns and big, bulky, sweaters. Add that maxi duster coat and you can sweep into a room like an empress.
Capes are another throwback style to the Seventies that are popping up with fall fashion clothing. They always look so elegant. Or combine the boots and coat with a winter dress: black and brown, as well as wine red are fall fashion colors that will ensure you are dressed in style.

My blue print duster with dark blue a-line dress is a perfect winter ensemble

Tactile Textiles Offer Sensual Cornucopia for Touch and Sight

Fall fashion colors and fabrics are include velvet, lame, and brocade have emerged as fabrics of choice. Expect to see these especially in holiday garments. Long, shaggy faux furs, redolent of yak and other long-haired creatures, take ice-cream pastels.

My long red velvet skirt worn with a silky ruffled red blouse is a perfect Christmas holiday outfit. For once my wardrobe bought over many years is finally on trend. Lucky me.

Long Skirts

Minis are taking a break for Fall 2015, which is great news for your cold legs. Long, feminine skirts were seen everywhere, taking over pants. While some skirts are nearly ankle length, anything knee length or lower is on trend. Long skirts can be sexy — Prabal Gurung used sheer lace in a longer silhouette while still showing off the legs. And wearing a long flowy skirt when you’re walking down the street feels like you’re on your own runway!

various length skirts

Micro-Trends in Fall Fashion Clothing and Winter Fashion for Women

The white blouse gets a bump up as a statement piece. Look for such stand-out features as front pintucks, exaggerated pointed colors, pearl buttons, touches of Victorian lace on the front and sleeves – not necessarily all in one blouse, of course!

Forced into slimming, flat-front slacks by the lack of choice, I’ve found the new elasticized fabrics do a good job of keeping my little round belly from shaking like a bowl full of jelly. How effective these lightly stretch fabrics will be for any particular woman depends, of course, on the size of the stomach. Some slacks now build in a girdle type smoothing panel.

Pleats are comfortable for work and hide a bit of tummy. I feel slimmer and more contemporary in these new slenderizing styles and will gradually phase out non-stretch fabric trousers.

Statement Earrings are the chicest way to accessorize this season with minimal effort and maximum impact:

The most prominent new trend is the Carwash Skirt: Split, Slit, and Stripped

The car-wash skirt is tripping its way into prominence among the latest fall fashion clothing. It is named after those long plastic curtains with broad strips that sweep over our cars. In this case, long strips are slits thigh-high and above. The car-wash skirt is funky and fun.


The Wrap Up

To sum it all up, Fall fashion clothing and the latest winter fashion trends while diverse, there is hope with the trends above. Whether you prefer Bohemian and arty, androgynous and professional, sexy tights with classy oversized sweaters and high boots, a retro ambiance, sporty plaids, or quaint Victoriana, there is something for you in Fall-Winter 2015 fashion.

Please visit our stores on Sister House to see these new trends. Here are a few of my favorite places:




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