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Fashion Historians Talk About Today’s Fashion

Fashion Historians Talk About Today’s Fashion

Much of today’s fashion is terrible. Nothing is really new but too often a regurgitation of past decades but with a senseless twist from the millennial generation who has no sense of style and looks only for comfort. There are of course bright spots but they come from the over 40 fashion bloggers and from non-American cultures that still value a more feminine look.

Amanda Hallay is a cultural historian, Professor of Fashion History at LIM College and a former fashion editor at Coulture. . Her You Tube series on the Ultimate Fashion History channel and her Facebook page on the Ultimate Fashion History are focal points for fashion historians. She recently asked the question on her Facebook page,  which has over 700 participants, “How would you describe today’s fashion?” The responses were not unsurprising. Here are some of those replies.

60s fashion


2010s styles


“Safe and Lazy”


Yeah! It’s all over the place”

“It is like the fashion industry gave up, had a blockage, or lost creatively”

“Goes from either being safe and lazy like Amanda said to dominatrix causal which is a look I feel like I see a lot”

“Same old same old, with no colors, no creativity, boring and like Amanda Hallay said safe and lazy”

“So if see a Vogue, Elle , or Harpers Bazaar oh ? this is the new look, it’s edgy , it’s never been done before!!! But of course it is done before ??? in my opinion I’m not gonna look a fashion magazine for at least 7 years”

“because of that stay and wear with what you like”

“Hope no one will take offence to this, but slobbish. Pant’s that have holes and fake mud on them? And T-shirts which don’t look flattering (Or what I think) XD etc”

“grunge look from the 90’s revisited…blech!”

“I feel like all fashion is now is just randomly taking and era and pretending like it is something new or “retro” chic when it is just plain lazy. Also telling me that there is a new look every 6 weeks that I should buy is a mass marketing gimmick of junk clothes.”

“All over the place”

“Fashion happens, just not on a scale that reaches the mass market. There are designers doing wonderful things. Most of us just can’t afford fashion anymore. We get jeans and jerseys”

“Completely agreeing with Amanda Hallay but also adding how fashion is no longer an art. Yes there are many couture lines who define as “art”. But the ready to wear business has lost all creditably due to the fact that they no longer create to inspire or to escape. Everything is to get the millennial approval by doing these sloppy trickle up looks for heritage lines. This then results in the line losing creditablity and it’s REAL customer going elsewhere​. If the spending custom for a line is 50 why are doing millennial geared collections and making these women feel left out and “old is evil”. Many lines deny this , but most ready to wear do this now. Recently I saw an article published saying “are we too obsseded with fast fashion and online”. The answer is yes and how the same people who have tarnished the beautiful things of this Industry, write the nostalgia articles and cry what do we do. The Industry has become hypocritical and too controlled by companies and opinions​ of people who do not really care about this business.”

“Recycled trends”

“It has seem that it is going backwards, other then moving forwards”

“Lets not forget .. The more you show your skin the more fashionable you are.”

“Not always I feel like it’s either literally wear a sheer top in public with no bra which I have seen this look several times on real people or like completely covered up with big proportions big loose clothes”

“Broad… trend wise there are many things going now…yet I feel as if a lot of trends have been coming, going away briefly, and then coming back 6-12 months later.”

“I can’t think of a decade in the past century which has as fewer overt fashion signifiers as now, unless it’s millionaires shamelessly flaunting designer wear. I don’t know if that makes 2017 more liberated (hey wear what you like!) or more boring?”

Met Gala 2017

These are considered the best of the absurb wear at the 2017 Met Gala

“Of course horrid bulges below the waistline don’t work either. I’ve noticed muffin-top males aren’t wearing those high waists…

“Even the creepy mail guy looks more put together than some of the women.”

“All I can say is, eh”

“Too many Kardashians”

Well, not exactly a nod to the artistry of modern fashion. And given that the average women’s dress size is now a 16 (and  plus size starts at 14) and the plus size fashions have been lingering for a long time, even fast fashion is not meeting the needs for most women in today’s world. Sloppy is the easy way to go when it becomes difficult to find fashionable well fitting clothes

Is there an answer? I don’t know. But here at Sister House, we can at least point the way. If you want to be stylish, we can show you how. Be sure to check out our Stylish Crossdressers in the Dressing Room






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