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Fashion Is Fun Again

Fashion Is Fun Again

Fashion is fun again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 2017 has been the year for maximalist dressing. And the trend should continue through the rest of the decade.

A few years ago, minimalism stormed the fashion scene, with neutrals, pared-down layers, classic silhouettes, and a color called oatmeal that some consider soft and soothing, but to be honest, we have to admit that it’s a tad dreary. Don’t get me wrong. I love the classic silhouette, monochromatic dressing and the structured look of the early 50s, but there’s a whole lot of Bohemian in me too with that crazy flowing look that sometimes defies description. I kind of rotate between the two looks which you can see here with a structured LBD styled for my apple-shaped body and then a long Bohemian red print skirt with black sparkling top.

Tasi in LBD and Boho looks

Now, I’m not saying that minimalism is over, or that it ever totally will be (hello, capsule wardrobes and classic all-black ensemble in the tradition of New Yorkers), but we—and everyone—seems to be having a lot more fun with fashion again. We’re mixing prints, clashing colors, adding a ruffle here, there and pretty much everywhere, embroidered shoes, and just plain funky outfits. Our inner Iris Apfel is rejoicing as we stop taking ourselves quite so seriously.

colorful print, wall street rebel, and sheer outfit

Mixing colorful prints and patterns – a Wall Street rebel -and delightfully sheer outfit

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel

If you’re unsure how to embrace the maximalist trend without feeling like you’re dressing up for Halloween, we collected some of the most killer maximalist pieces and looks out there right now. Ahead, you’ll find everything from statement shoes and embellished bags to power coats and loads of color—so go ahead and add that extra layer or accessory, say yes to ruffles, embroidery, and heaps of playful patterns and textures.

A cowgirl - embellished - just plain funky

A cowgirl – embellished – just plain funky

Embellished shoes - wide belts - tasseled earrings

Embroidered shoes – wide belts – tasseled earrings

I’ve blogged about many of these trends within the maximalist style of dressing, but beyond that, I have an extensive collection of pictures on Pinterest that show how the trends are worn “on the runways” and “in the streets“. I talk about the 2017 fashion trends I love here. and you can see them in vivid details in the links below.


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Tulle Skirts










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