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Welcome to My World of Fashion

Welcome to My World of Fashion

I love fashion. I don’t know why. It’s not just because I am an out and about crossdresser. I have always loved to shop. And so it became the ultimate pleasure when I could now put on a dress and browse the boutiques until my heart’s content. Having a male figure presents some unusual challenges as you know, nothwithstanding that we have no clue on sizing or what goes together when we first venture into stores.  Talk about the “pink cloud” and the teenager mentality. If we’re lucky and find a willing and sympathic saleslady who actually has an eye for fashion and is more interested in us than just an immediate sale, then perhaps we may come away with a presentable outfit. But if you have attended conferences or been to events like Sparkle, then you know some of the OMG outfits that the girls wear. If they are married, then obviously their female partner has not seen them yet.

I’ve been able to pursue my interests as a fashion writer for our wonderful community now for almost 18 months and you can find fashion articles under my byline in the Tri-ess Mirror (U.S.) and Repartee (British) as well as on TG Forum, TG Reporter, and in the Pretty T-Girls online magazine. Soon my articles will also appear on an Australian fashion website and I manage to dispense useful advice on our yahoo group, the TG Woman. This blog is my personal view of the fashion world for transgender women, but I have also created a much larger and more comprehensive website called Sister House that



deals with not just fashion but the larger world of transgender women and the many issues that we face. This blog and the website hopefully will command your interest through resources that you have not seen before and serious writers from within our community and from the greater world of women’s fashion that will help you to reach your own personal goals and be not just a fashionable women, but a stylish women who receives looks of admiration instead of chuckles when she walks down the street. And in between the serious advice is sprinkled some humor so you can walk away beautiful with a smile on your face.

Now some may say, I’m just not into fashion, but when you walk out the door, how you look is how you are perceived. And I have to believe that most of you want to be well thought of if you are interacting with the general public.  Anything may go at a support group, but in the real world of women, they are critical of each others appearance.

Now ladies, this is not rocket science but it does take a little effort. I have been there and done that and have the scars and discarded piles of clothes for goodwill. I know the problems you face and the embarrassment of not quite getting it right. So I am here as your sounding board with helpful advice that you can take home and put into practice immediately. Now I can tell you from experience that fashion is here and gone tomorrow. The fashion mags and bloggers will tell you about the latest trends, if you can make any sense of 20 plus trends that all seem to duplicate each other from season to season. Remember when they brought out uggs boots? Yea! ugh is the word.

What we are really interested in is “style”. According to Oscar de la Renta, “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself”. It is said that New York women are among the most fashionable women on the face of the earth. They are also among the least stylish. Confused? If so, you aren’t alone. You’re just among the many people who confuse stylish with fashionable. We will deal with both so you can learn how to use fashion to create your own personal style that reflects who you are.

What is styleJill Chivers talks about the difference between fashion and style and it’s worth a few minutes of your time to read her words. The bottom line is fashion is what is currently in fashion right now, that is, what is being featured in magazines, on TV and on the fashion runways. Fashion is what is trendy right now. Style, on the other hand, is unique to everyone. This is the person’s own opinion, their own choice in clothes and accessories. Style is something that has been modified and customized on an individual level to suit each person’s own personality and body.

Mr.  de la Renta, the amusing raconteur, tells of a very stylish—and very large—friend of his named Chico. “One day I said to her, ‘Chico, what is your formula? Because let me tell you something—you always look so great.’ And she said, ‘Ladies of my size always want to dress in black because they think they can hide their weight better. But I gave up on that a long, long time ago. I now think of myself as upholstery. I upholster myself in the most extraordinary colors and I become a beautiful couch!’ Chico was a wonderful woman,” he added as we laughed.

So please join me as we explore this wonderful world of fashion. I assure you it will be fun. I am not some young and thin clotheshorse that can wear anything and look good. I work at it and have been rewarded on a few occasions with compliments on my dress from other women without them knowing the underlying truths. So anything is possible. But I will have been successful if you end up as the well-dressed and confident woman that I know you to be. I look forward to many conversations with you.






Countessa from Countessa' s Closet , says:

Hello Sweet Tasi. I found this interesting to say the least.
Keep up your research and your questions. That is the only way to lean and ascertain the things you wish to know… GOOD GIRL ! I adore it when I see those who just don’t stop at some silly magazines idea of what fashion is, and what ALL women should wear.. I always state at all my lectures and events and interviews,
. ‘”” Fashion is for everyone, Your own style and way of dressing is a womans trademark and her own signature look and style. Yes, darlin, YOur style and look is always one of a womans true Trademarks in life. “””””… and Like my Motto says… Femininity is an art, It is a gentle form of power !

I love seeing your delve into the world of beauty and fashion. Keep up the great work and do keep that gorgeous smile and charming sweet personality.. I have been in this industry for many , many years. I started as a Teen model and then keep modeling for over 20 years, , I moved on in the upscale fashion world and now am a well known fashion designer and beauty advisor, I have had fashion columns in some of the most well known mags, both Tg and Genetic and ya know what ? I am still learning and studying and also do much in the way of research almost everyday , in order to truly understand the wondrous and magical world of fashion and beauty.
So don’t give up, I have faith in you., and so far you are doing great !
If I can ever be of any help, Just let me know . Maybe one day, It will be I who goes to you for information on things in the world of fashion and beauty..
Keep up your great work. I think it is a wonderful !

Your pal
Countessa’s Closet
The number one fashion designer and beauty advisor to and for, the TG/TS communities..
Call anytime and say hello. 818 568 3064

Michelle Christine says:

Great column and Sister House promises to be a wonderful site.
Your background and career path, including your status as a father and grandparent seem close to mine, though 1. my wife knew about my femme side earlier in our marriage, and 2. I am still not fully retired, though I have cut back and am anxiously awaiting retirement. My wife still does not, however, feel comfortable with my dressing publicly, so I mainly do it at home, and at night when she gets home for dinner. (She is now very comfortable with my being and dressing femme, except that she complains that she has had to become much more style conscious and now has to “waste” so much more time putting on make-up because of me, in order to look as well put together as I do. LOL — She is a very cute, petite blond whose clothes I generally select and/or buy, and while she complains that women cannot be cute after 60, she is absolutely wrong!)
She has always said, as do our daughters and some friends, that I have the best eye for fashion (they do not distinguish fashion and style … yet) and should have been in the women’s clothing business or a hair stylist. I am also a very good cook, according to friends and family, a resourceful homemaker and gracious entertainer, all of which I view as part of my femininity. My wife handles most of the running of our business, our and our company’s finance and the staff, etc. (though I am still reasonably active in the business), leaving me a fair amount of time for what I do (and like) best, including shopping for and buying clothes and cosmetics for both of us (and showing her how to apply them), shopping for and decorating the house, cooking, cleaning, running household errands, etc.
One question I have for others here that not about fashion: how did you come out to your children (how old were they) and how did they react? Some of mine definitely suspect that I am a CD because while I am not “out” and public, I do not hide all the evidence and do wear a stylish and discrete amount of make-up everyday, as a man, as well as when I am a woman.
As an aside, most of the women in the office have realized that I wear make-up and most of them seem relatively okay, albeit sometimes fascinated, with it and me; many women at work will from time to time briefly discuss color or brand, etc.. with me or inquire as to what cosmetic I am wearing and where I bought it. Some have seen me “dressed” for Halloween, and I am sure many or most know or suspect that I am a CD, but still my wife feels totally uncomfortable and that it is “inappropriate” for the Chairman to come to the office en femme.
Some of the kids chose to ignore/deny my CDing and gender identity, though two of our daughters (we have 3 girls and 3 boys) acknowledge it on some level, as for example, when one of them asks my advice on what kind or color make-up to wear for certain occasions. But I would like to be “me” at (immediate) family events like holiday dinners, and it is a source of some conflict and consternation, so I welcome whatever input others have.
I feel that if I do enjoy a family dinner at our home as Michelle, then I can enjoy planning for it, working at looking my best (in [non-masculine] ways that are meaningful to me, even at 60+ yrs) thinking about and trying out what I will wear so that I am stylish and feminine without in any way being garish, nor provocative (and hopefully, not embarrassing) to them.
When we were young it seemed that parents were conservative and we young people were outrageously liberal and “out there.” It now seems reversed. Have styles changed that much in one generation?
Thanks, Tasi. I respect you and admire what you are doing — and yes, I am probably envious as well. 🙂 You serve as an inspiration and a source of needed, reputable, and well-written material for our emerging community.

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