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How To Accessorize for your Neck Length

How To Accessorize for your Neck Length

Why do you care? Because the right neckline with the right earrings and the right necklaces, based on your neck length, will add balance and give you a flattering look. Not doing so will create just the opposite effect. Learning these techniques is not rocket science so with the help of Imogene of the Insideoutblog, and lots of illustrations, here is why you need to know. Like in many things, we don’t always quite know why something is right, but we know it when we see it. Such is the case here. You’ll be seen as chic because you took the extra time to achieve balance in your look.

How do we start…by determining if we have a long, short or average neck. Here’s a short video from Imogene to help you do that. It all comes down to your hand

So, now knowing, where do we go next?

If you have a long neck, here is how to accessorize a long neck or if you want that long neck to look just a bit shorter, here’s how.

If you have a short neck, here’s how to flatter a short or wide neck which is not uncommon among crossdressers and here’s the jewelry to wear for a short or wide neck.

Here’s some of my favorite jewelry stores

Body Candy

At first glance this site seems a bit punk with its body piercing jewelry and temporary tattoos, but they also have lots of dangly earrings for non-pierced ears. Of course they have pierced too, but it’s the non-pierced that can be hard to find.


As the name hints at, there are lots of imitations of celebrity pieces, like the Kate Middleton ring. If you’ve seen it on TV, there’s a good chance they have something similar here. There are also lots of pieces that aren’t “copies of”.

Fantasy Jewelry Box

They bill themselves as “Fine imitation diamond and fashion jewelry.” Even at imitation, much of the stock is a bit pricey for our use, but there are also some very usable pieces in the fashion collections. Just sort on price and stop looking when you’ve reached your budget’s limit. And of course don’t forget to check the sale section.

Liquidation Channel

As the name says, this is a liquidation center, meaning there are bargains galore. While the main emphasis is on jewelry, the scarves and handbags are also worth checking out.

Max & Chloe

This site has some fairly costly jewelry, but it also has some stylish fashion pieces at very reasonable prices. They have good sort functions on the side, so you can hunt for exactly what you’re looking for. The price sort function is at the top.


A rather unusual jewelry store with most of the merchandise very reasonably priced. As with most stores, you have to poke around to find the items that most interest you. They have plus-sized women’s rings that go through size 12. There’s also a printable ring sizer if you need.



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