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How to Choose Shapewear for the Male Body

How to Choose Shapewear for the Male Body

Shapewear performs mini-miracles when we wear it. From maximum control cinchers that create dramatic change to leggings that reduce the appearance of cellulite, shapewear is quickly becoming a wardrobe staple that can tackle a variety of problem areas. In case you need more convincing, I chatted with the shapewear experts at Hips and Curves a leading online shopping destination for slimming and shaping needs, for reasons why we all should wear shapewear and dress yourself thin.

What can you expect:

  • Reduction of the bustline by 1-3 inches
  • Good bust support
  • Reduced back and stomach bulge
  • Increased thermal activity
  • Reduction of visible cellulite

Shapewear is designed with the purpose of adding and enhancing curves, creating smooth lines, and giving your body a boost where needed. Choosing shapewear for the male body can be a bit more challenging, since most shapewear pieces are designed and sized for the female body. But fret not!

You can get the most of out of your purchases with a few tips on how to select pieces that work with your body to create the shape you desire.

Choosing Corsets

Amelie luxe long line steel boned corset


Corsets are one of the most powerful pieces of shapewear you can buy; it’s no wonder they have stood the test of time. There’s no better way to create hourglass curves than with a high-quality corset.

To choose a corset that works well with the male body, consider a long line corset that goes down over the hips. This longer piece allows you to cinch it tightly at the waist while creating a space to add padding at the hips if desired and hold them in place.

Add a Bolero

Stretch Bolero


A bolero is a great complement to a corset. It allows room for padding, creates a smooth arm and shoulder, and works beautifully in sync with the corset itself.

A bolero can work with both a regular and an underbust corset. If you don’t want to wear a corset, another option is to pair the bolero with a shaping push-up bra if you have breasts that need a lift.

Try Traditional Shapewear

Waist Chincher


Another way to create the curvy shape you desire is to use retro pieces that hearken back to a time when the hourglass silhouette was all the rage. A waist cincher (with garter straps) that goes down over the hips helps to create a smaller waist that will make your hips stand out more. You can also attach the clasps to leggings which can shape, sculpt and give a different look to your legs.

Shaper Half Slip with Straps


A half-slip that includes shoulder straps is easier to keep in place if you don’t like thigh highs or if your leggings roll down. It will also allow for shaping and padding as needed beneath a dress, pants or skirt. The underbust line allows you to add a padded push-up bra as well.

Leg Shapers

Seamless Shaping Leggings


Shaping leggings and hosiery are an excellent way to create a curvier silhouette to the legs. By using it with a corset or waist cincher, you can create the alluringly contoured look of a smaller waist, curved hips, and smooth, sleek legs.

Garter Belts


Using garters and stockings can also help to create a more flared appearance, as the space between the bottom of a shaping garter and the beginning of a thigh-high socking will give you a more curved look.

The Right Size

When choosing shapewear, it’s important to check measurements, as pieces sized for women often don’t match up to men’s sizing. Be sure to measure for the shape you want to achieve, including any padding, and then compare those measurements to the size charts offered for each piece. Sizing in womens clothing is crazy so check out this article for some great tips. Also check our our sizing by stores and sizing by brands.

With the right shapewear and careful attention to sizing, you’ll find it easy to get the curves you’re looking for.

This article was contributed by Adam at Hips & Curves. Affiliate links are included



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I wear a corselette (also called a “body”) almost full time. It gives me a good waist reduction and with breast forms in the bra cups I achieve a very feminine figure.

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