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How To Fake a Smaller Waist

How To Fake a Smaller Waist

The impression of a smaller waist is essential to the most favored hourglass figure, so if you are a fortunate 20-30-40 year old somethings lady that can squeeze into a size 8 to 10 dress, read no further. However many of us are not so fortunate and we have figures with some tummy on us from years of being a guy. And even though 50% of women are a size 14 or larger, there’s still a demand to show that womanly hourglass silhouette. You see, one of the reasons that we embrace fashion is that we can use clothes to create the illusion that we want So this waist-whittling advice from Redbook may be of help although we have tweeked it a bit as our male physiques have their own unique set of needs…we rarely have to worry about too big a butt.

Peplum top

ASOS-peplum-dressThe myth is that peplum adds volume but that’s not the case, for these “go-to tummy cinchers.” A streamlined pencil skirt with a peplum creates an hourglass shape, although for long-waisted crossdressers, you need to be careful where the peplum sits on the body…check the mirror carefully. Wear it without or without sleeves, depending on the season. “Either way, when the cinching happens in that perfect spot just below the waistline, it can really flatter your silhouette.

Colorblock dress

Color block dressIt’s not difficult to rattle off a whole list of Old Hollywood actresses whose hourglass silhouettes we’d love to have—but it’s time to stop envying and start living it. I’ve always loved a colorblock dress  so when you want to get dolled up, those side panels emphasize the lines of an hourglass silhouette and flatter your figure.

Belted trench

Belted trench coatThere’s a reason this topper has endured over the years—we attribute it to a combination of flattery, functionality, and necessary wardrobe basics. Although some women are hesitant to belt anything for fear of drawing the wrong attention to their midsection, the controlled volume above and below the belt on a trench actually helps to define your figure.

Structured sheath dress

sleeves lace sheathGot curves? Excellent. This one’s for you. Unlike a shift, which hangs loosely off the body, a sheath dress fits closely and hugs your natural curves. “I recommend one in a thicker fabric, like a cotton twill, because the drape is more flattering and it doesn’t cling to lumps and bumps the way some flimsier fabrics might.

Wrap dress

Lane Bryant wrap dressA wrap dress is my all-time favorite look—and understand why. The universally flattering, tie-it-on-and-you’re-done style is our go-to as well. “It never goes out of fashion, because it highlights a woman’s natural curves and works with any body size,” she says. “Just throw on a pair of pumps or boots for fall and you’ve got it all covered.”

Cinched-waist blazer

Clinched waist blazerThough slouchy cardigans are great for weekends, more polished, structured blazers are the best way to pull your entire outfit together. Thanks to a wide variety of options, you can choose an incredibly nipped waist or one with a subtle cinch, depending on what you wish to show off. If you’re self-conscious about your belly, wear a looser-fitting blouse in a fun pattern underneath.  It won’t cling to your curves too much, and the pattern will mask any insecurities.

Pencil skirt

pencil skirtWhether at the office or in the evening, this style’s become ever-popular in our Mad Men age. Create your own picturesque silhouette with the curve-flattering bottom, which, by emphasizing your hips, makes your waist appear smaller in comparison. Pair with a body-hugging sweater or fitted blouse for an ultra-feminine look.

Ruffle-neck blouse

Ruffled neck blouseThe best way to take the focus off of something you don’t like is to call attention to an area you do. And thus goes the logic of a frilly top. “It balances the silhouette by adding volume at the neckline and distracting the eye from the tummy,” says Thomson. If you’re busty, wear a shaping tank underneath for extra slimming powers.

Those Flattering Stripes

striped dressIt’s all about optical illusion. Wearing vertical lines over your midsection can actually reduce the appearance of your waistline. This includes vertical-striped prints, as well as the lines created by hanging scarves and sweaters. However, stay away from horizontal lines especially on tops and sweaters, which are notorious for making any figure appear wider.

The Retro Look

Valentino_Fit_and_FlareAnother dress that can instantly trim inches is the classic fit and flare gown. These are dresses with a slim top that slopes into a gently flared skirt, and is often seamed at the waist to achieve its signature shape.”

The Nude Look

Nude_ShoesTake a tip from the pageant girls — a neutral heel is your best friend when creating the illusion of a smaller waist. The closer the shoe’s color is to your natural leg or hosiery tone, the longer and leaner your body will look. And the leaner you look, the smaller your waist will appear. This works well with dresses, pencil skirts, mini skirts, and even cropped pants. It even works with swimwear if you’re going on vacation and want to throw on a pair of heels with your cover-up!

 The video has some nice visual clues but beware the belts and the high-waisted skirts and pants. They can be made to work but care is needed with the fit.

And a few more helpful hints

It’s all about visual trickery so put your new magic box to work



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