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I’m 87 and Love Miniskirts

I’m 87 and Love Miniskirts

There’s  a new video called Fabulous Fashionistas produced in the UK, and based on a BBC Channel 4 program by the same name. This  brilliant, not-to-be-missed show stars six inspirational women whose average age is 80. It’s Director, Sue Bourne,  has an impressive track-record to include a series on law-breaking pensioners called Bus Pass Bandits and a Cutting Edge documentary about all the people who live on her west London street (116 in total). Bourne’s work has warmth, intelligence and compassion, and this latest project is fantastic – I bloody love her!

This hour long video is amusing and inspiring, especially for those who are “of a certain age”. I know all the fashion rules, but when you are responsible only for yourself, then do what makes you happy. These women know that truth.

Its stars are:

  • Daphne Selfe, 85, who is one of the most popular 80+ models.
  • Gillian Lynne, 87, who looks like 57, likes mini skirts and is so flexible and energetic that she puts me to shame.
  • Jean Woods, 75, who started a new career at 70 working at Gap.
  • Sue Kreitzman, 73, who is fascinated by art and always incorporates that into her clothes.
  • Jean Barker, Baroness Trumpington, 91, who sits in the house of lords as a conservative peer.
  • Bridget Sojourner, 75,who looks stunning in clothes she finds for less than $10 in charity shops.

Here are just some of the fabulous quotes from the ladies.

Sue Kreitzman

“Don’t wear beige. It might kill you.”

“ I don’t want to be too over the top. (Laughs) I AM over the top! What I mean is I like to keep a certain amount of elegance. Do I succeed? That is a matter of opinion. I want to just miss that point where I actually look like a clown.”

Bridget Sojourner

Your style as one gets older is more noticable.”

 ”How I look is to do with my identity and the fun of it. It’s nothing to do with looking younger.” 

“I want to inspire people that getting older is not a bad thing.”

 Jean Barker, Baroness Trumpington

“How important is it to look after yourself? The moment you start to sort of let everything go is the moment that you are getting old.”

Gillian Lynne loves minskirts

Gillian Lynne loves minskirts

Gillian Lynne

“I don’t give a damn what anybody says about me.”

“I love miniskirts.”

“It’s all about having a purpose. That is why I think retirement is dangerous.”

Daphne Selfe

“I love fashion and I’m always interested in clothes. I used to make all my clothes.”

Jean Woods

“If I like something, I tend to wear it a lot. So it does not bother me if someone says oh she’s got that dress on again. I put it on for me!”

“I’d like to think I’m streetstyle, more than smart. I wouldn’t want someone to come up to me and say oh you look smart.” 

Do you want to grow old with energy and style?

It’s clear that all of these women have this in common. They:

  • Love life and enjoy it as much as they can.
  • Exercise.
  • Have a passion.
  • Stay active.
  • Have a steely determination and an absolute refusal to give in or give up.
  • Care about their style and the way they look.  

So have a look and let me know which of the ladies inspires you most! Don’t you just love the British!



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