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Looking Back at Fashion

Looking Back at Fashion

As I explore all facets of fashion, I enjoy looking back at bygone ages and what better way to do that then to visit a fashion museum and see their latest exhibits. That’s why I created a section in Sister House on Fashion Exhibits. I remember not too long ago while living in El Paso that the Natural History Museum there had an exhibit on 5 Decades of Fashion. I was enthralled and could just image myself in some of those lovely gowns. How wonderful to be a woman.

There are two (actually 4) new exhibits now open, one in Montreal at the McCord Museum, From Philadelphia to Monaco: Grace Kelly – Beyond the Icon.

and three at the Art Institute of Chicago; Undressed: The Fashion of Privacy,  Impressionism, Fashion & Modernity, and   Fashion Plates: 19th century Fashion Illustrations.

What we learn from these exhibits however is that  “Style is not the breathe of wardrobe but the woman herself who makes the garments legend”

What is the most apparent is that the clothes on their own are all lovely, if not even dated or dowdy in some cases, BUT when compared to the photos of Grace Kelly wearing the same outfit, the clothes then come to life & transcend to another level of effortless grace and ease. Truly a case of a woman who makes the clothes.

You won’t want to miss any of them if you live in the area.





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