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Looking Tomboy Chic

Looking Tomboy Chic

Candy and I may love the “girly” look, but it’s not for everyone. My friend, Patty, for instance, is just not the type. She would look silly, or worse, if she tried…not her personality. So what is a girl to do if paper dolls and frilly skirts aren’t your forte.

Well, you may be in luck, at least this year, because the runway trends have a definite “mannish” look to them.  Borrowing from the men or what some like to call the Tomboy Chic trend is one of the popular trends this season. You can see it in the clothes (lots of oversized coats, button down chambray shirt, men’s prints) but also the shoes. This you won’t believe – looking chic in combat boots.

The more manly or androgynous trend was omnipresent and many of the other major trends (male prints, the power of blue, oversized coats) relate to this main overall trend. Clothes are wider and more angular (think I’ll sit this season out), but at least there are more options than blue jeans and plaid shirts.

One of the easiest ways to wear this trend is just to wear some dressy pants with a classic shirt. The above left look from Akris is effortlessly chic and very easy to create. Just get a nice blouse and combine with a well-fitted pair of dressy pants. This outfit will look great with oxfords and brogues and a statement or textured belt. For extra drama, you could even wear a tie or add a hat. Combine with a boxy or fitted blazer when you get cold. This look will look great with both full length and 7/8 pants so long as you make sure that the latter are tapered.


If you want lots of options than go take a look at Pinterest for Tomboy Chic



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