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Love Red, But Which Red Should I Wear?

Love Red, But Which Red Should I Wear?

We always love red for Valentine’s Day but which red should we wear?  We recently published a post about the Iconic Red Dress originally on TG Forum and then later on Fashion By Tasi in the Dressing Room. Without a doubt, a red dress is both sexy and alluring as many studies have shown. And of course, a red dress is a must for any holiday where romance is the theme because red is the color of romance and sexual arousal.  Think red roses, and red hearts.  Women wearing red really can get an advantage in life. For example, studies have found
• that waitresses who wear red get bigger tips
• female hitchhikers wearing red tee shirts are more likely to get a ride
• women wearing red on internet dating profiles are more sought after

And simply women wearing red will be more noticed. You might look at our Stylish Crossdressers if you have any doubts. So choosing the right red color for you is important.

The brighter shades are more dominant and can be seen as more aggressive, particularly if you don’t have the bright personal coloring to match the shade.

Subtler shades such as a softer version or slightly deeper version are powerful, but without the “angry” appearance it can provoke.

choosing red colors
Choosing Reds by imogen featuring a red jacket

You can see that there are many reds to choose from. Ideally wear a red that is in tune with your color properties.

For instance – if you have cool, light and bright coloring – then look for a lighter, brighter, cool undertone red (a more pinkish red)

If you have darker, smoky, warm undertone coloring – then look for a deeper, warm undertone (brick red) that is softer and more smoky and greyed down.

What I’m saying, is you should choose a red that relates to your color properties and replicate it. The right red will really make you look more vibrant and alive as it’s a skin enhancer and can make you look really healthy.

Here are some more useful hints in this video about How To Wear the Red Trend.


So don’t go for boring black, instead put on a red dress and some red lipstick this Valentine’s Day!



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