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One Dress for all Occasions

One Dress for all Occasions

Yes there is a dress that will take you from casual to classy with minimum effort, one where you can create infinite styles for all occasions with a little imagination and a few helpful how tos, the so called Convertible (or Infinity) dress. Take a hint from Kate Middleton and learn how to reuse a dress to create many different effects.

The dress is “convertible” because of the two long pieces of fabric on the top part of the dress that allows you to wrap it in many ways to create different styles.  You can wear the dress with the fabric twisted in a way to make the dress elegant or you can wear the dress casually as a skirt. Therefore, this is a dress that can yield a plethora of outfits and be transitioned from season to season.. I’ve seen up to 27 different ways depending on how creative you want to be with it! Try it in a halter style, strapless, or the ever classic one shoulder style – it’s the ultimate style chameleon. We’ll give you some hints how to do that below.

The most infamous convertible dress in the fashion world is the Marilyn convertible dress available from several well-known retailers and from costume shops. The dress so popular that it sells out quickly. Here are some interesting convertible dress styles…hopefully some will appeal to you

convertible dresses-1

                    Eternity by SWAK                                                   Convertible Maxi Romance                                  10-Way Shirred Dress

Convertible Dresses-2

                                          Camryn Convertible                                Eternity Maxi Dress                                  Geo Print 4-Way

Of course, now that you have the dress, let’s learn how to work with it. This shortvideo from Eliza and Ethan shows you the secrets on wrapping the dress

Lastly here are some videos on different styles that may be of interest to you


Cap sleeve


Twist front halter 

One shoulder  

The twist around  



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