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Showing Your Boobies After a Certain Age

Showing Your Boobies After a Certain Age

Reprinted from Fashion After 50  with comment

How low should we go after a certain age?

Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun. You can’t stare at it long; it’s too risky. You get a sense of it, then you look away.Jerry Seinfeld

I’m not sure my friend, Sabrina would agree with this philosophy, nevertheless crossdrsssers are usually tempted to have a prominent chest area. I certainly am but there are ways to enjoy displaying a womanly figure, and still be stylish and not tartish.

For women, some have been comfortable showing their décolletage throughout their lives. Others  have not made this a practice.

The heightened display of sexuality seems to dominate mass media representations of women and men. It is challenging to teach some of the younger college women that, movie portrayals to the contrary, it is not professional to show too much in the workplace, and some fields like the legal and medical fields, are particularly sensitive prepared.

Indeed, some women have been fired for not covering up when asked by a supervisor – and that is not sexual harassment but completely legal. Many men with whom I work are embarrassed when the young women display too much in a business setting. I have read to many comments in fashion blogs to know that cleavage in the workplace is a hot issue.

Ask yourself where, when, and with whom it is appropriate to display your chest.

Some of us have a lot of wrinkles between our breasts – as so many other places. Liv has some tips for taking care of your chest so it looks your best.

If you got it, flaunt it – in moderation. A peek may be nice; a vast expanse may be too much after the age of 50.

Be sure to wear attractive earrings so that some attention goes to your pretty face, as well. Make-up also is helpful with the sophisticated look of a low neckline.

How should you go? The choice is yours. Consider your audience, and choose wisely.

If in doubt, check out our article on cleavage over on Sister House



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