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Style Lessons from Absolutely Fabulous

Style Lessons from Absolutely Fabulous

One of the most popular comedies in BBC history, this wickedly inventive comedy tells the tale of fashion femme fatales Edina (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy (Joanna Lumley), and their endless quest for sex, love and eternal youth. Now Imogene Lamport from Insideoutstyleblog dissects the stylish garb of these femme fatales and gives us some oh so appropriate style lessons that  you need to take to heart.

With the new Absolutely Fabulous movie  and some eye-scorching fashions  revealed in it, Imogene looks at what you can learn from the wardrobes of Edina, Patsy and Saffy. The world has not been quite the same since being introduced to Edina and Patsy twenty years ago.The original fashionistas, PR rep Eddy and best friend Patsy were often found at the bottom of a champagne bottle – and not much has changed. Now, reprising their award-winning performances in three specials, we see a life-changing experience for one of the characters; Eddy has set her sights on changing the career of a very big fish indeed; and Eddy and Patsy play their own very special part in the London 2012 Olympics. Twenty years since we first met them, the ladies are a tiny bit older, none the wiser, but definitely still Absolutely Fabulous.

Absolutely Fabulous is a great example of just how much what you wear tells the world so much about who you are, what you believe, your lifestyle and values.  Sure it’s OTT but we can all get a tip or two from this fab bunch!

Not Everything Has to Match

clothes don't need to match 1

You don’t have to buy the matching set, or wear it all together, all the time.  Sometimes splitting up a matching set and wearing them apart is all you need.

clothes don't need to match

You definitely don’t need to match your eyeshadow to the color of your outfit!

clothes don't need to match

Just because it comes with matching accessories doesn’t mean you have to buy them.


Oversize Clothes Won’t Make You Look Slimmer

Oversize clothes

Big and baggy and lots of volume will add a lot of weight to your frame.  Just because they’re in fashion, doesn’t mean you need to wear them.

Chunky Clothes, Textures and Shoes Just Make You Look Chunky

chuncky clothes

If you’d describe an item as chunky it will add weight and chunk to your frame.


When Mixing Patterns There Should Be a Relationship Between the Colors

mixing patterns of clothes

I’ve written quite a few tips on how to mix patterns, plus how to mix but not match them too.  But, they key to mixing patterns is finding colours in common and a relationship between the patterns, but also varying the size, pattern and scale of each.


Size Matters

size matters with clothes

Squeezing yourself into clothes that then pull or gape, doesn’t make you look slimmer.  Choose the size that fit, not by the number on the label.


Choose Clothes That Flatter Your Shape

Choose clothes that flatter your shape

When choosing from the latest fashion, choose shapes and colours that flatter you, rather than just wearing something for the sake of wearing the latest fashion.

don't be a fashion victim

Don’t be a fashion victim.


One Hero at a Time

One hero

Wearing a hero necklace?  Then tone down your earrings.  Just one hero at a time or you can start to look cluttered.


Dressing Young Won’t Make You Look Young

dressing yound won't make you look youmg

Wearing the hip clothes of the current teen generation won’t make you look young.

Won't look young

It will, as my 11 year old daughter succinctly put it when viewing these pictures, “make you look like you’re trying too hard”. Out of the mouths of babes!


Dated Clothes Make You Look Out of Touch

Dated clothes

It doesn’t matter your age.  Whether young like Saffy or older, wearing dated clothes makes you look older and out of touch with what’s going on in the world.


Scale Matters

Scale matters_

The size and scale of details such as patterns and collars can flatter you, underwhelm or overwhelm you.


Principle of Volume

Principle of volume

Wear just one voluminous garment at a time, loose with loose with chunky and oversized is not a recipe for a flattering look.


Your Clothes are Communicating

Clothes are communicating

No matter what you choose to wear, your clothes are communicating about you all the time.  What you think, your values, your personality, your lifestyle, your age, your ideas about your age, your beliefs.




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