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The Best Cities for Crossdressing

The Best Cities for Crossdressing

I have to thank my friend Marcy Simpson, Founder of Crossdresser Society.com for this article and the research she did to find the cities in the U.S. that are most welcoming for crossdressers. The results are not surprising as there is a sizeable contingent of crossdressers in each of these cities as evidenced by the presence of TG organizations there. And even though Marcy’s research is based on the strong presence of a gay community in each of these locations, it does apply to us.

So if you want to go out en femme and feel safe and comfortable without fear of being ridiculed, the best places for you are the cities that are friendly to gays and the transgendered.  To see a man in drag in these cities is not uncommon.

You are likely to be accepted without judgment or scorn.

Well here we go girl! Are you ready?

The top crossdresser friendly cities in the United States are:

– Los Angeles
– New York
– San Francisco
– Washington D.C.
– Miami
– Dallas
– Boston
– Phoenix
– Seattle
– Chicago

The Municipal Equality Index (MEI) examines the laws, policies, and services of municipalities and rates them on the basis of their inclusivity of LGBT people who live and work there.

The 2015 MEI rates a total of 408 cities from every state in the nation, which is an increase of more than 55 cities rated in 2014.

Then if you are an international traveler, you can be dressed in these cities without any fear (and I have been to all but Sydney)

– London, UK
– Copenhagen, Denmark
– Tokyo, Japan
Merida, Mexico
– Berlin, Germany
– Amsterdam, The Netherlands
– Madrid and Barcelona, Spain
– Paris France
– Sydney, Australia

A special note on Merida which has been rated as the top quality of life and the safest city in Mexico, For more details, check out Tasi’s Musings for Dec 2015 in the Library. The first ever transgender conference, Magic in Merida, will be held in Merida in February, 2017.






Cathy Laura Peterson says:

I would propose adding Portland, Las Vegas, and Denver to the top cities list, as I have had absolutely wonderful times on many visits to these 3 cities. Very safe and accepting as I always present myself (either by email before I arrive, or in person at first meeting) as a TG-woman in the early stage of my formal transition to living/working full-time, and people have been great (even though I know I don’t completely pass in public – I think I’m about 80%). I have gone shopping, used fitting rooms, 4 times used MyStylist personal shopper service at Macy’s, done coffee/breakfast/lunch/dinner, seen movies, done nail salons, wash+blow-dry salons, attended church services, met realtors to look at home/condos, attended art galleries, antique auctions, and classical music concerts, going wine-tasting, and even had a real woman join me to try on wedding gowns at a bridal boutique. I’ve also attended very crowded tech and science conventions, and ‘crashed’ a few academic/females-in-business conferences registering as a TG-woman and how FUN were those cities!!!!

Jessica Pamela says:

Can you recommend CD friendly nightlife locations in Denver? Thank you

Tasi Zuriack says:

Hi Jessica. Just Google on transgender nightclubs in Denver. There are plenty of places. Or contact a t-girl from the area. My experience in most cities is that you can go most anywhere without a problem if you are presentable and ladylike. Here’s one link you might try http://www.findatgirl.com/links.php?func=listaddress&id=94. Hugs…Tasi

Don Otto says:

I would like to find R V and camp grounds that are specifically run for cross dressers and TG, gay, looking for that freedom of being just who i am.. Also, looking to relocate to a high density, TG, gay , and cross dressing area in the United States. Any info would be helpful. Actually would like to specifically find a gay community to live in. Thank You.

TB admin says:

Don – a quick Google search will find you many LGBT-operated campgrounds and RV parks

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