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The Drag Explosion

The Drag Explosion

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With many recent exhibitions, screenings and publications, the queer community, particularly in New York, seems to be on an archival bent, mapping a genealogy of various aspects of LGBTQ history. Not only is queer culture experiencing archive fever, but the era of the 1980s and 1990s has been given an inordinate amount of attention by curators, critics and writers. Adding to that dialogue, Simpson’s Drag Explosion presents an archive of the drag scene, which seems to often appear on the periphery of many exhibitions and publications on the 1980s art scene or LGBTQ history despite its influential humor, camp and fashion that still pervades culture today.

The photos themselves are a blast as is this short video on gender-bending narrated by Linda Simpson. It was a momentous time in New York and gender-bending transformed  from an underground art form to a pop culture phenomenon.  If there are more screenings, maybe you can’t catch one,




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