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The Other Trans in “Transparent”

The Other Trans in “Transparent”

I have to thank Una of Transascity.org for bringing this follow up article to my attention. I do hope all of you have watched at least a few episodes of Transparent, Amazon’s new series on a dysfunctional Jewish family with a head of household that is transgender. Jeffery Tambor plays this role, but in the later episodes, we are introduced to Davina, played by the trans actress, Alexandra Billings, who is Maura’s coach in her transgender journey.

Maura and Davina in Transparent

Ms Billings is a highly accomplished actress in her own right and this  article in the Guardian, gives her credit for her marvelous performance. We do need to thank Amazon for having the courage to not only produce this original ten episode series but in continuing the series for another season. We also have to thank Jill Soloway, the creator of Transparent, for actively recruiting a trans writer  for the second season.

I do believe “Transparent will be a watershed series in bringing the realities of the transgender world to the general public. Please do all you can to support the continuation of this show.




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