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The Strapless Dress, Demon or Damon

The Strapless Dress, Demon or Damon

There’s nothing quite so sexy as a strapless dress; it promises so much, but there are risks.  This durable but fragile looking bit of femininity gives the impression that at any moment the garment will slip down or that, better yet, certain parts may slip out of place. If you’ve worn a strapless dress, you’ve probably spent at least one night pulling the damn thing up every couple of minutes. All too often the dresses are poorly or cheaply made to provide sufficient support to stay up like they should.

It’s interesting to read the comments from women of all sizes and their travails with the strapless dress. Small busted, large busted, they all have the same problem. The damn thing won’t stay up. So there’s the Demon. Here in the tropics, strapless anything is popular, but yes,we are endlessly adjusting the fit.

If Hollywood starlets can’t get it right, is there any hope for the rest of us? Yes! Pulling off a strapless style simply comes down to finding a well-fitting strapless bra. The right bra will make you look more polished, feel supported and enjoy a better, fuller shape. You might even forget you’re wearing it. So that’s your Damon

To those unfamiliar with Greek, Damon means loyal friend and a well-fitting strapless bra will be your friend. But there are tricks to the trade here too.

Manufacturers make strapless bras to fit the same size as all of their other bras. If, for example, your regular bra size is 36C, you’ll want to buy a 36C strapless bra. This is where the test of your true bra size comes into play. Let’s say you wear that 36C strapless bra out on the town and you spend the entire night tugging to keep it up. Well, guess what?  You’ve just learned something very important about the fit of your regular bras – they’re too big.

A lot of women think they need to go down a size when it comes to strapless bras. Some fitters even encourage this, but it’s absolutely not true. That’s why I always tell women a strapless bra is the ultimate test of a true bra size – it doesn’t allow the straps to cheat and carry the load of your bra’s support.

The solution is to go down a band size across the board. Going down a band size also means you need to go up a cup size to maintain the same cup volume. Your new and improved bra size: 34D. The 34D lets you keep your original cup size while giving you a tighter band. To get help determining your bra size, see this  bra fitting guide from Her Room

Keep a few other things in mind as you consider different types of strapless bras:

  • Longline brasA band provides 80 to 90 percent of a bra’s support, so wider is better. Thin bands also tend to create bulges.
  • For underwiring, you’ll want taller wires that curve inward to enclose the breasts. This provides better support and reduces slippage. A strapless bra without underwires is a bandeau and has much less support. It often gives an unpleasing, droopy or floppy shape to your breasts as well.
  • Opt for a nylon/spandex blend when choosing fabric. Some of the best strapless bras also feature silicone gripper tape along the edges. This gripper tape is becoming very common now. I personally wouldn’t buy a strapless without it
  • Try a longline version. These work well for every woman, and allow you to move freely without having to constantly make adjustments. What’s more, a longline is both a bra and shapewear in one. You get great support plus a smooth, bump-free silhouette.
  • And, if you’re worried about finding a strapless bra to wear with really low-cut necklines, the strapless plunge just might be the answer

For the crossdresser, there’s another step; that being to ensure are breasts look realistic with so much skin showing. There’s some tricks here too, but the use of makeup is the most effective technique to ensure the girls blend in. Check out How To Create Cleavage over at Sister House.

Hope these tips help in your quest to find that perfect strapless dress, Check out our information on all kinds of bras here



Jennifer says:

There is some great information here. I really love the look when I wear a strapless dress and after several mistakes I finally understand what it takes to wear one. I really love your suggestion of a long line bra, I think they are amazing and really work quite well.

Krystal says:

Thakns for taking the time to post. It’s lifted the level of debate

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