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Using Style To Hide That Tummy

Using Style To Hide That Tummy

If you’re a mature gal, then tummy control is likely an issue in your dressing, so we’re going to show you how using style to hide that tummy really works.  You need to understand body shapes but we assume you have an apple-shaped body or you wouldn’t be concerned. Luckily there are many things you can do to hide that belly, so that it doesn’t get in your way of looking fabulously stylish,

Using shapewear is the preferred way for creating a more hourglass shape for MTF crossdressers, but Justine Leconte, a French fashion designer, is becoming my go-to person now for style information.  Justine talks about using clothing to disguise your tummy without using shapewear.

Next we turn to Sylvia at 40Plus Style with her 11 sure-fire ways to hide your belly with the right clothes.  Here is a summary of her comments but you’ll want to read the complete article with a fuller explanation and picture examples.

  • Use shapewear. If you don’t like shapewear, check out this article by Sylvia
  • Use layering techniques. Longer tops and structured jackets are great. You want to create vertical lines
  • Don’t wear tight or clingy garments
  • Don’t emphasize your tummy by adding accessories like belts right on top of them
  • Wear tops over your skirts and pants and don’t tuck them
  • Don’t wear bulky tops

My favorite plus-size fashionista is Aleigha at My Fashionista Style. I talked about her style hints for hiding a tummy last year but she goes into much greater depth on hiding a tummy problem in this video below. It’s 26 minutes long.

And here is Aleigha’s Pinterest page that demonstrates her techniques.

Then Claire at Miss Dress has 7 more style tricks to hide a tummy

If you have waded through all these videos, then you should be well-prepared to step out the door looking svelte and stylish eventhough you may not be the skinniest girl in your group.

But wait, there’s more. I also have the problem of showing my tummy in photos which is distracting in the extreme when I am otherwise very stylish. So here are 7 effective POSING IDEAS to HIDE STOMACH FAT in photos.

Finally I had to add this from a commenter on Sylvia’s post. Sounds like a crossdresser to me

From glitterqueen

I seem to have a figure of a pot bellied man! My problem is wide shoulders,
small bust, large stomach, slim bottom and legs.
5ft 9in tall. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


It sounds like some belly hiding tops will come in handy for you. Since you have nice legs you will want to put your attention there. Get well fitted straight or slightly flared pants and combine with a belly hiding top. Empire wast tops would work well for you. Combine with an A-line jacket to balance out your shoulders and give you more of an hourglass shape. You will also look good with a slight A-line skirt. As will an empire waist a-line dress that highlights your legs. Good luck! and if you need more help you can always post more questions in the style forum.

Now go knock them dead 🙂










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