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White in Winter is Chic

White in Winter is Chic

There’s something romantic about the sight of snow; its bright, light-reflecting nature makes all of this cold uplifting (almost). So take it as inspiration to tap into a winter white mood, and an opportunity to dress up in the cold. While it may feel counterintuitive to the no-white-after-Labor-Day rule (which we don’t believe in, anyway), there’s something fresh about wearing ivories and off-whites in the dead of winter.

coloredblocked pencil skirtTo keep you inspired, here are a few tips on some of the most interesting ways to wear white in the colder months (yes, there are still a few more snow storms coming). Paying attention to fabrics, necklines and accessories all help bring this universally flattering color into your winter wardrobe.

Texture: Play around with the textures and shapes of the different winter white pieces in your outfit. Get a pair of white tweed pants, but pair it with a white silk or charmeuse shirt; but make sure that they are exactly the same shade! If they are the slightest bit off, it will take away the awe-factor of the monochromatic outfit.

Color Blocking: If you are not ready to wear a completely 100% monochromatic outfit, you can try color-blocking. Establish the color palate you want to wear (greens, blues, white, etc.) and find 3-4 pieces that are all the color blue, but with different shades, for example, if you want to do a green monochromatic outfit wear a pair of emerald green pants, a mint green shirt and grab a lime green bag. The outfit it still technically monochromatic since all of the pieces are in fact green, but it is not as chic and clean as say, a winter white monochromatic outfit.

print skirt white blouseTone it down: Winter white is completely versatile. If you have a vivid print skirt or pants that you want to wear but you can’t seem to find a shirt to match a color in the pattern, no need to fear, grab a nice white blouse! Make sure that the details, if there are any, in the shirt are simple, you do not want to overwhelm people with having a vivid skirt and too much texture on your shirt. Wear a nude shoe to keep the focus on the skirt.

Make a statement: So you have your monochromatic white outfit but it looks too plain for you? Get a statement piece…an emerald green scarf, a red pillbox hat, a chunky blue bangles, yellow pumps, or literally any color that you have in your wardrobe; but be careful, a monochromatic white outfit is in itself attention-getting, chic and clean…You can also make a statement with your makeup…try a bold red lip to go with your clean white look.

Grab a coat: Fall and winter looks are all about dark colors; dark orange, dark red, brown, black, navy…Give your look a refreshing pop with a winter white pea coat to go over your darker shades. Pair your pea coat with a white had to make your hair color stand out (see cover).

all white with statement necklaceWinter white is crisp, clean, and chic. While a pair of white pants are amazing I would not recommend wearing them in the winter time. Monochromatic is daring, modern and “cutting-edge”. But go one shade off. Pure white (we’re talking lily, wedding dress, wite-out white) is best left to a time when you’ve got tan legs. Choose a color that’s slightly off-white, in the cream, ivory, or ecru family for maximum winter white effect. Still feeling self-conscious in such a light color? Give it some weight with a chocolate brown boot or a dark leather accessory, so people know you’re aware of what season it is

Winter white are great accent pieces to any wardrobe. Do not be afraid to wear white, they make bleach for a reason! Just be extra careful!

Finally try some retail therapy by wearing winter white

 Sources for this article are from Glamour Magazine and the  Brilliantly Chic blog

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